N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets

Fortify the body
Improving omnivory
Promote development
Enhance immunity
Suitable for puppies, kittens, frail, recovering cats and dogs



N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets provide a balanced blend of essential minerals to support growth, health and performance in dogs and cats. Containing highly bioavailable forms of copper, iron, zinc, manganese and iodine, these tablets address mineral deficiencies that can lead to poor coat, picky eating or low energy in pets. They give your pet the trace element nutrition needed for vitality at all life stages when diet alone may not enough. With full yet balanced levels of the key trace minerals most essential for pets, N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets offer complete support for whole-body health and wellness.

Basic Info

Application ScenesCan be used as a daily nutritional supplement for dogs and cats to provide essential trace minerals.
Main FeaturesTargeted broad-spectrum trace mineral formula, promotes healthy growth, organ function, metabolism, skin and coat from the inside out. Suitable for long term use to enhance vitality in puppies, performance pets and senior animals when diet alone is not enough
AcceptanceOEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
Payment MethodT/T, PayPal, L/C
MOQN4P PRODUCTS: 1000 Pcs. Mixed pallet or container accepted.
CUSTOM ORDERS: 2000 Pcs per specification and flavor.

Usage Description

Use according to the usage and dosage on the product label. Always provide plenty of fresh water. Discontinue use if any negative reaction occurs. The number of tablets can be gradually adjusted based on your pet’s age, size, condition, health and diet. Not intended as a substitute for a balanced diet.

Usage Suggestion

Use under vet guidance for pets with chronic health conditions. Provides nutritional support for working or performance animals with higher trace mineral needs. Enhances coat health and condition in show or breeding dogs. Helps address picky eating or diet deficiencies in finicky eaters. For best results, use consistently and long term, especially in young or senior pets.


For animal use only. Do not exceed recommended amount. Not intended as a substitute for a balanced diet. Discontinue use if undesirable effects such as upset stomach occur, and consult a vet. Do not use in pregnant or nursing animals except under vet guidance. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Q: What is the shelf life of N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets?
A: An unopened bottle of N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets has a shelf life of up to 2 years. For best quality, use within 6-12 months after opening. Properly stored in a cool, dry area away from heat and moisture. Do not freeze.

Q: Are N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets safe for long term daily use?
A: Yes, N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets are formulated for safe long term daily use in most dogs and cats when provided as directed to complement a balanced diet. However, it is best to use under veterinary guidance, especially for pets with known health conditions. Your vet may recommend periodic testing to monitor mineral levels and make dosage adjustments as needed for your pet. Never exceed amount recommended without consulting your vet.

Q: What are the sources of trace minerals in N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets?
A: N4P Pet Trace Element Tablets provide trace minerals from natural sources including copper gluconate, ferrous fumarate, manganese gluconate, zinc oxide and potassium iodide. We do NOT use any artificial additives, byproducts or fillers. Our products aim to provide safe, effective and natural nutritional support for pets.

Q: Are there any risks associated with trace mineral supplements?
A: When given as directed in balanced amounts formulated for pets, trace mineral supplements are considered very safe by most veterinarians. However, there are some potential risks to be aware of:

· Excessive amounts of some trace minerals like iron or zinc can be toxic, so never exceed recommended dosage. Always choose a pet-specific formula.

· Interactions with certain medications are possible, so always check with your vet before giving any nutritional supplement.

· For pets with liver or kidney disease, mineral levels should be carefully monitored with blood testing. Dosage adjustments or discontinuation may be recommended by your vet.

· Variations in diet and mineral sources can affect your pet’s nutritional balance over time. Regular testing and vet guidance is recommended for long term use.

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