180 Bulldog Names for Your Kind and Courageous Canine


180 Bulldog Names for Your Kind and Courageous Canine

Whether you’re in the market for a fun, friendly bulldog name or resilient and regal, we’ve got you covered! Emily Schroeder Daily Paws Writer Photo
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The days of naming your dog Sparky, Rover, and Fido have given way to more imaginative times—and pup parents thinking outside of the box. Nowadays, dog owners are letting their creative juices flow, taking cues from categories like pop culture, what's trending, popular baby names—even the Royal Family. 

For the instantly recognizable bulldog, some of the best names embody qualities of their tough breed. Despite their rugged exterior, bulldogs are sweet and great with kids when socialized early, and their low energy level and generally calm demeanor makes them great for pet parents who live in apartments or condos.

 If you've recently become a proud bulldog parent (congrats!), then you're now faced with the daunting task of finding the perfect name. And one that you won't mind shouting at the dog park.

Scouring the web for ideas can be time consuming, so leave it to us to help. Below is a list of our favorite English, French, and American bulldog names—from cute and classy to wildly waggish, you're sure to find one that fits!

Girl Bulldog Names

Female bulldogs may have faces only a dog mom could love, but we still think they're beautiful inside and out.

  • Maggie
  • Daisy 
  • Sadie
  • Molly
  • Harley
  • Rebel
  • Coco
  • Penny
  • Winnie 
  • Lexi
  • Scout
  • Junie
  • Bailey
  • Zuzu
  • Jasmine
  • Josie
  • Annie
  • Bella
  • Gigi
  • Nala

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Boy Bulldog Names

These wrinkly-faced pups are known for their kind temperaments, best suiting them for names like these.

  • Rex
  • Archie
  • Lennon
  • Oliver
  • Moose
  • George
  • Argus
  • Lincoln
  • Otis
  • Winston
  • Gus
  • Hendrix
  • Maverick
  • Zeus
  • Max
  • Porter
  • Zeke
  • Thor
  • Wally
  • Vader

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English Bulldog Names

The English bulldog is the most recognizable member of the bulldog family. You're likely to see this breed represented at colleges around the country (University of Georgia or Yale), or on Disney, as Pluto's nemesis, Butch the Bulldog. The English bulldog is a medium-sized breed, usually between 40-50 pounds with short legs and a stocky body. 

  • Hunter
  • Sirius
  • Nina
  • Rowan
  • Duke
  • Bear
  • Cali
  • Jade
  • Jasper
  • Tess
  • Trudy
  • Finn
  • Adira
  • Bruno
  • Rita
  • Maya
  • Thora
  • Rhett
  • Lucky
  • Teddy

happy woman taking a selfie with her bulldog
happy woman taking a selfie with her bulldog Credit: Maskot / Getty

French Bulldog Names

The French bulldog is popular in urban areas because of their small size. Goofy and smart, Frenchies are known for their big bat ears and smooshy, cuddly bodies. Another interesting fact, this particular type of bulldog rarely barks, making them very quiet and agreeable companions.  

  • Stella
  • Lola
  • Zoey
  • Sophie
  • Piper
  • Ellie
  • Audrey
  • Phoebe
  • Millie 
  • Gigi
  • Daisy
  • Fifi
  • Zara
  • Alden
  • Wren
  • Zola
  • Adrianne
  • Belle
  • Estelle
  • Noelle
  • Albert
  • Alexandre
  • Ames
  • Bale
  • Beau
  • Beaufort
  • Bo
  • Bruce
  • Calvin
  • Chauncey
  • Claud
  • Cort
  • Curcio
  • D'or
  • Danton
  • Darrell
  • Davet
  • Delrick
  • Eloy
  • Emil

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American Bulldog Names

The American bulldog has an athletic build, but being a member of the brachycephalic breeds list, bulldogs of all types tend to overheat quickly and don't need a ton of intense exercise. If someone is told, "you have the tenacity of a bulldog," it's because of this breed (think tough, tenacious, and doggone determined), though they tend to have silly personalities when socialized.

  • Frankie
  • Riley
  • Rainey
  • Bernadette
  • Gertrude
  • Lenna
  • Mae
  • Nellie
  •  Rosa
  • Sasha
  • Lara
  • Indy
  • Harley
  • Jojo
  • Rousey
  • Fergie
  • Ginny
  • Willow
  • Poppy
  •  Tilly
  • Duke
  • Gus
  • Lex
  • Samson
  • Dane
  • Rider
  • Bear
  • Fang
  • Wilder
  • Artie
  • Benny
  • Champ
  • Hooch
  • Leo
  • Petey
  • Murray
  • Rudy
  • Titus
  • Beau
  • Ziggy

And in case you're leaning towards uncommon titles, here are a handful of funny, unique and regal bulldog names sure to hit the mark!

Funny Bulldog Names

Is your bulldog more of a comedian than dog? You need a playful title for this silly pup.

  • Olaf
  • Billy
  • Lion
  • Wallabee
  • Gizmo
  • Mulligan
  • Webster
  • Buzz
  • Stanley
  • Drooler

Unique Bulldog Names

Give your bulldog an uncommon name to go along with their individuality.

  • Baraby
  • Kermit
  • Silas
  • Cleo
  • Maude
  • Violet
  • Clive
  • Gidet
  • Betty
  • Darby

Royal Bulldog Names

Hey, bulldogs can be aristocrats too! Gift your bulldog puppy a noble name. 

  • Albert
  • James
  • Beatrice
  • Diana
  • Grace
  • Louie
  • August
  • Eugenie
  • Margaret
  • Spencer

Bulldog Names Inspired by Movies and Cartoons

  • Rubble (Paw Patrol)
  • Spike (Tom & Jerry)
  • Charles (Space Jam)
  • Chance (Homeward Bound)
  • Gunner (Cheaper by the Dozen)
  • Sonny (Due Date)
  • Astro (The Jetsons)
  • Brian (The Family Guy)
  • Comet (Full House)
  • Brinkley (You've Got Mail)
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