This Top-Selling Portable Dog Water Bottle Has Over 20,000 Fans on Amazon


Summertime temperatures continue rising, making it essential to keep pets (and yourself) hydrated at all times. Sure, a jug of water and dog items for the car—like a travel water bowl—are certainly helpful to have on hand when adventure calls. But that bowl is not spill-proof or easily portable when traveling on foot.

Enter the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle. It’s a pet product with nearly perfect Amazon reviews and more than 27,000 ratings. As a leak-proof portable water dispenser, it acts as your pup’s personal water bottle at the dog park, during car rides or while camping. And if you don’t have a dog but know someone who does, it’s one of the best gifts for pet lovers.

What is a portable dog water bottle?

The MalsiPree portable dog water bottle is a dog water bottle and bowl all in one. It beats filling up a dog bowl or sticking a bottle of water in your tote when traveling, thanks to its leak-proof design. A silica gel seal ring keeps water from leaking when it’s not in use. When pups need a sip, the water is dispensed into the attached bowl-slash-drinking-spout in the click of a button. This portable dog water bottle is made of high-quality food-grade material. As a top-selling portable dog water bottle, it’s a convenient, even genius, gadget that shoppers love—and their pups love drinking from on hot days.

Product features

  • Made of durable and safe food-grade material
  • Wide lapping cup for canines of all sizes
  • Fits in tote bags or backpack side pockets
  • Contains attached wrist “leash” for carrying
  • Unused water flows back into the bottle
  • Silica gel seal ring and button lock prevent leaks
  • Available in two colors
  • Available in two sizes: 12 and 19 ounces

How to use a portable dog water bottle

Unlike some dog water bottles, the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle only requires one-hand operation, so you can keep your pup’s leash in the other hand as they drink. Secure the attached “leash” around your wrist for extra assistance.

The lapping cup (aka the colored part) screws off for filling the container with water. It seals on easily, trapping the water in the clear plastic end so it doesn’t leak. When it’s time for a water break, simply unlock the paw button by sliding the lock button to the right. Then, holding the bottle horizontal, press the paw button to dispense water as your pup drinks from the lapping cup. Release the button to stop the water flow, and slide the lock button to the left to seal. Keep in mind that this gadget is hand-wash only and not intended to be cleaned in the dishwasher.

If water is still in the lapping cup when your dog is finished, it easily flows back into the plastic bottle—no bother dumping it. Whether you’re embarking on a long road trip or a day at the dog park, the MalsiPree portable dog water bottle’s unique design keeps pups happy and hydrated—no mess or extra pet items necessary.

The best Amazon user reviews

“My dog just loves drinking from this,” writes verified Amazon reviewer Dor. “You have a lock option, and the coolest thing is that you can re-use the water left in the scoop. It just goes back to the bottle when you hold the item upright and press the button.”

Verified Amazon reviewer Lacee adds, “I purchased this for a 15-hour road trip with two 8-week-old puppies. This has been perfect! I love the way the water goes BACK into the bottle if the dog/puppies don’t finish the water. For a road trip, this is excellent. It also fits in a cup holder (we have a Honda Civic) perfect, which is also great for travel. Since the road trip, I take it in the car with us every time we go out, and also on walks, it has a handy wrist strap, which is nice. My puppy knows what it is for now and licks it when he is thirsty.”

Breanna attests to the portable dog water bottle’s ease of use: “It’s very easy to use—just press the button and tilt forward and water comes out almost like a small waterfall. If your dog doesn’t finish what’s in the bowl, simply press the button and tilt back and the water will flow back into the bottle.”

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