7 Signs Your Dog Is Spoiled, From Closets Full of Clothes to Daily Puppuccinos


7 Signs Your Dog Is Spoiled, From Closets Full of Clothes to Daily Puppuccinos

Let’s face it: We all overindulge our pups *just* a little. Rachel Simon
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yorkshire terrier dressed up in pink tulle; one of the 10 signs your dog is spoiled Credit: Viktoriia Novokhatska / Getty

One of the hardest parts about owning a dog is resisting the urge to constantly spoil them. When your pup has done something good, is acting extra affectionate, or is simply looking even cuter than usual, it's all too easy to reach for a treat or pick up a new toy to show them your appreciation. Here at Daily Paws we are all for spoiling your pet and giving them an above-average life, but it's important to make sure you're not going overboard (hello, bank account balance).

Here are some signs that your dog is enjoying a life of serious luxury. Or as we like to say, not spoiled, just overindulged.

1. You Have Toy Baskets in Every Single Room

Having a basket full of dog toys in one room of your house is one thing. But having toys everywhere, from the bedroom to the living room to the kitchen, is another. That says your entire home is geared around your pup's playtime and you're willing to clean up their toys anywhere, anytime. And hey, there's nothing wrong with wanting to give your dog all the toys in the world! But if you're tired of constantly picking up stuffed animals and chewies every time you walk into a room, consider designating one spot of your house to hold all your dog's items—or rotating his toys so he thinks he's getting something new every few weeks.

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2. You Get Your Dog a Puppuccino Every Time You’re in the Car

One of the best decisions Starbucks ever made was adding the puppuccino, aka a cup filled with whipped cream, to their secret menu. It's become a popular snack for countless treat-loving dogs and their coffee-obsessed parents. It's not our fault we just happen to find ourselves in the Starbucks drive-thru line every time we're out or on our way home from the dog park. Just keep in mind that treats should only make up around 10 percent of a dog's daily caloric intake, so it might be best to save this sweet treat for special occasions.

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3. You Plan Your Whole Day Around Your Dog

There are so many great ways to incorporate your dog into your daily life, whether it's taking them on a hike, hanging out with them in the park, or bringing them to a pet-friendly restaurant or patio. With so many pet-friendly amenities popping up, it's easy to want to bring our best friends wherever we go and feel guilty if we leave them at home. But before you bring them out on your next adventure, make sure that they're actually comfortable with it and want to go—some dogs are just homebodies. (And thats perfectly OK!)

4. You Come Home Early From Outings Because You Miss Them Too Much

Look, we all miss our dogs when we're not with them, and it's natural to not want to be away from them for too long. Nothing is worse than your dog watching you with sad puppy eyes while you get ready to leave for work or dinner with friends! Dogs are social animals and love to be with their humans, but it's important to have some time away to help prevent separation anxiety. As long as you've left your pup at home safely and not for an overly extended period of time, you deserve to fully enjoy your solo plans without any guilt. Next time you're thinking of bailing early, remind yourself that your dog is A-OK and you'll be home soon enough.

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5. You Have a Dedicated Closet Just for Your Dog’s Wardrobe

It's true that there's nothing cuter than a dog dressed up in a cozy sweater or sporting a pair of stylish booties. And we can't forget a bandana for every season! Many pet parents are happy to buy the occasional outfit for their pups and take adorable pictures of them donning their new gear. But if you're spending a serious amount of money on dog clothes and accessories and filling up a closet with dozens of items, it might be time to slow down. Your dog will look good no matter what they're wearing (or not wearing), and you don't need to go broke giving them a wardrobe.

6. You Never Second-Guess Buying Them Something New

Spending $20 on an adorable new toy or bandana (bonus points if it's themed for a holiday) or bag of treats for your pup? No brainer! Spending $20 on something new for yourself? Forget about it! It's easy to get caught up in spoiling your dog with anything and everything they could ever want. Just remember they are perfectly happy with a nice walk and quality time with you—with or without the matching collar, leash, and poop bag dispenser set.

7. You Spend More Time—and Money—on Their Meals Than Your Own

You know you're a dedicated dog parent when you go the extra mile to cook their food from scratch each day or give them a pricey specialty food—after consulting with your vet that it's the right option for your dog, of course. Your dog is definitely spoiled if their dinner requires an hour of prep and ultra-fancy ingredients, and then you rummage in the pantry for a box of mac and cheese for your own dinner. If you think you might be going a bit overboard, your vet can help you create an easy, affordable, and nutritious feeding plan for your precious pup. Don't make yourself ask the age-old "What's for dinner?" every night for you and your pup.

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