Check Up At Home Wellness Test Helps Detect Problems Early


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Cats are masters at hiding signs of illness. By the time a cat shows symptoms, a disease may already be at an advanced stage, making treatment more difficult and also more costly. This is one of the reasons why regular veterinary exams are so important. But wouldn’t it be nice if you had a way to detect health problems even before your cat is due for her annual or bi-annual check up?

Check Up is a quick, simple testing method that can give you an overall picture of your cat’s health by testing her urine. Check Up detects the following health conditions:

  • high glucose levels (an indicator of diabetes)
  • urinary tract infections
  • blood in the urine
  • kidney issues

Using the Check Up Kit

Using the Check Up kit is easy – everything you need is provided with the kit. Simply fill your cat’s litter box with the hydroponic sand provided with the kit. The urine will not get absorbed by the sand. Collect the urine with the sample pipette and deposit it in the collection vial. Dip the urine test strip in the sample and compare it with the results card.

If any of the values are outside of the normal range, contact your vet. The Check Up is not intended to replace regular veterinary visits – your cat still needs regular annual or bi-annual exams, even if the values are normal.

The kit is disposable and intended for one time use.

For more information about the Check Up kit, please visit You can also find Check Up on Facebook.

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