How Haru the Cutest Cow Became Best Buds With His Pack of Loving Dogs


How Haru the Cutest Cow Became Best Buds With His Pack of Loving Dogs

Who says cows can’t be man’s best friend? By Jessica Banks November 09, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print cow with her foster pet friends
cow with her foster pet friends Credit: Courtesy of bear_the_pittie / Instagram

Dogs typically claim the top spot as man's best friend, but there's some friendly competition in the Sullivan-Vo household that's home to a certain adorable cow.

Amber and Anthony Sullivan-Vo have always been big dog people—so much so that when they purchased their new home a few years back, their dogs were one of the driving factors.

"We bought the house for the dogs," Anthony tells Daily Paws. "Everything is for the dogs—our couch is the dogs' couch, we have dog treadmills … it's a lot of stuff like that."

Not everything is dog-specific these days. Though the Sullivan-Vos have a permanent crew of nine dogs—plus a handful of foster pets at any given time—plenty of love, time, and attention is directed toward another family member: Haru the cow.

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It was the purchase of the new house, which came with several acres of land, that brought Haru into their lives. Though the dogs loved all the additional room to wander, Amber wasn't loving all the additional yard maintenance.

After purchasing a few goats to help with lawn care—and discovering firsthand that they actually tend to eat more of what they shouldn't—Amber and Anthony decided to bring in a grazer. Enter Haru, a small, brown-and-white cutie who was in need of a new home after being separated from his herd.

The introductions were slow. Haru was wary of everyone at first, dogs and people alike. But with a lot of diligence, patience, and cattle cubes—think dog treats, but for cows—Haru came around to his new family and allowed his true personality to shine through.

"He's such a sweet boy," Anthony says. "He's curious. He's very lovable. It's hard not to be happy when you see him doing anything. He could just be laying around taking a nap, and you'll be thrilled to see him just hanging out."

"He's a very good boy, and we're super grateful for who he is," Amber echoes. "We put a lot of work into bringing that out of him. He's really shined here, and we are very thankful for that."

Nowadays, Haru spends most of his time roaming the Sullivan-Vo property, happily nuzzling, cuddling, licking, or playing with his nine furry siblings: Sweet Pea, Lucy, Taz, Louise, Maya, Mali, Bear, Roxie, and Zuko. (Five of them are foster fails—maybe the best kind of failure.) Amber speculates that being around all his dog siblings comforts him because he was separated from his herd—and the dogs showering him with affection proves the feeling is mutual.

He does not, however, care for the dogs' agility course. Nobody's perfect.

"It's chaos, but it's controlled chaos—it's very peaceful when you live in it," Anthony says.

Haru's future is no doubt filled with more snuggles and play time with his family, and ours is going to be filled with checking Instagram to keep up with his latest adventures.

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