This Cat’s Apparent Hatred for the End of Daylight Saving Time Is Too Relatable in Viral Video


This Cat’s Apparent Hatred for the End of Daylight Saving Time Is Too Relatable in Viral Video

Milo is just a tad hangry—and it worked. By Paige Mountain November 08, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print cat not thrilled with daylight savings tiktok
cat not thrilled with daylight savings tiktok Credit: Courtesy of mrmilothechonk / TikTok

The end of daylight saving time is confusing and frustrating for everyone, even dogs and cats. One feisty feline is completely fed up with his new schedule, and he decided to take a stand. 

Milo took no prisoners when he was certain his dinner was late after our clocks turned back Sunday in a TikTok video. In the video, the perplexed cat perfectly encapsulates how we all feel about daylight saving time ending. Milo's hilarious actions are plenty relatable, with the viral video reaching 1.3 million views and counting. 

Cats have a sense of time—but daylight saving time can throw their internal clock off. When it comes to knowing when it's meal time, cats tend to use their own internal cues of hunger to predict when it's time to eat, behaviorist Rosie Bescoby told Metro. We then validate our cats' internal clock by offering them food at roughly the same time each day. So it's no wonder Milo thinks he's being starved. He's probably hungry when he's used to eating, and he doesn't know the time changed. 

The 59-second video showcases Milo's busy night of hangry antics—starting with him "creating absolute chaos in the kitchen." The fiery kitty starts his destruction tour by knocking things off the counter; then he transitions into whining desperately, trying to get the attention of his seemingly forgetful owner. After this short intermission, Milo is back to his original gig—where he starts targeting the decorative pumpkins on the kitchen counter. 


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After Milo finishes business in the kitchen, he makes way to his next victim—the couch. Lying on his back (probably exhausted from his hard work attacking fall decor), Milo scratches at the innocent sofa. He then makes his way to the back of the couch, where he sneak-attacks his owner and insists he be fed immediately by pulling at her hair. 

After releasing his anger, Milo seems to feel a little guilty. Towards the end of the video, Milo decides to conclude his reign of chaos and reroute to more positive actions. He starts by making biscuits and ends his apology by slow blinking at his owner—showing that even though he's irritated, he still loves her. 

In the end, Milo proves that hard work pays off—he got fed an hour early.

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