Our Factory

  • Our Mission

    At the beginning of the developing pet market in China, our co-founders recognized this huge opportunity, and through continuous exploration, experimentation, and innovation, we all eventually agreed on the idea that we contribute to the well-being of pets.

OEM Service

Whether you have your own design or even just an idea, we can put your ideas into practice and deliver a reliable and satisfying end product. We can provide the following customized products:


We Cooperate With Popular Brands All Over The World

We value each and every client, and by working together, we have built a strong sales network in the US, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Russia, Korea, and other markets. With our reliable products, competitive prices, and stable market prices, our distributors are growing bigger and bigger. Get in touch to become a member of the N4P brand and help you succeed while taking care of your pet's health!

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