N4P Grain-free Dry Cat Food

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N4P Grain-free Dry Cat Food is a high-protein, nutritionally complete and balanced diet for cats. Made with 100% natural ingredients including deboned poultry, meat and fish along with vegetables, fruits and supplements. The grain-free formula is ideal for cats with food sensitivities and provides essential fatty acids for skin and coat health. Slow cooked to preserve nutrients, with no artificial additives. For all life stages.

Basic Info

Application ScenesFor everyday feeding as a nutritionally complete diet for cats. Also suitable for cats with grain sensitivities or needing a hypoallergenic diet
Main FeaturesGrain-free, high-protein formula with deboned poultry, meat and fish as first ingredients. Provides essential fatty acids for skin/coat health. Nutritionally complete and balanced for all life stages according to AAFCO. Slow cooked to maximize nutrition. Free from artificial additives, byproducts and fillers. For better digestion and stool quality
AcceptanceOEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
Payment MethodT/T, PayPal, L/C
MOQN4P PRODUCTS: 1000 Pcs. Mixed pallet or container accepted.
CUSTOM ORDERS: 2000 Pcs per specification and flavor.

Usage Description

Use according to the usage and dosage on the product label. Adjust amount based on age, size and activity level. Always keep fresh, clean water available.

Usage Suggestion

Use as the primary diet for your cat. For best results, transition from current diet slowly by mixing in increasing amounts of N4P Grain-free Cat Food over 7-10 days. Not suitable for pregnant or nursing females. For weight loss, consult vet for dosage. Store any opened food in a cool, dry place and use within 4 weeks. Dispose of spoiled or stale food.


For animal use only. Not for human consumption. This product is intended for intermittent or supplemental feeding only. Please consult a veterinarian for advice on a regular diet for your cat. Follow the feeding instructions carefully and do not overfeed. Overfeeding or improper feeding of this product may lead to obesity. Always provide access to water. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Q: Can I feed N4P Grain-free Cat Food to my kitten?
A: Yes, N4P Grain-free Dry Cat Food is formulated to be a complete and balanced diet for all life stages, including kittens. For kittens up to 12 months of age, you will want to feed a kitten-specific formula to meet their increased need for calories, protein, fat, vitamins and minerals. You can start mixing in some of the adult N4P Grain-free Cat Food at around 6-8 months of age as you transition to an adult maintenance diet. Always follow suggested feeding amounts for kittens based on their age and size.

Q: Will N4P Grain-free Cat Food help with my cat’s sensitive stomach issues?
A: N4P Grain-free Dry Cat Food can help reduce digestive upset and stool problems in many cats. The limited ingredient, grain-free formula made from high-quality, natural ingredients is easy to digest and helps avoid potential allergens that can trigger sensitivities. When transitioning to this food from your cat’s regular diet, start by mixing in just 25% of the new food for 3-4 days, then 50% for 3-4 days and so on until completely switched. This gradual change will allow their digestive system to adapt and help avoid upset. For chronic issues, you may need to try an elimination diet under vet supervision. Always provide plenty of fresh water to keep your cat hydrated.

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