N4P Shampoo 500ml

Natural formula
Delightful fragrance
Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals
Customization Available



The N4P Pets Shampoo series offers a range of natural, botanical-based shampoos for dogs and cats. Formulated for gentle cleansing and conditioning, these shampoos soothe the skin and coat without irritation. With 6 formulas to choose from – Coat Nourishing, Flea & Tick, Anti-Itch, Brown Coat, White Coat and For Cats – there is a shampoo for every pet’s needs. Harnessing the power of plant-based ingredients and modern production techniques, N4P Pets aims to provide high-quality yet affordable grooming products that pets and their owners will love.

Basic Info

FragranceMixed fragrance
Application ScenesCan be used for routine bathing and grooming of dogs, cats and other pets
Main FeaturesNatural, botanical-based shampoo series offers formulas to suit every pet’s coat and skin needs. Removes dirt and odor while nourishing skin and hair with plant-powered ingredients. Gentle, non-irritating formulas suitable for all breeds and life stages
AcceptanceOEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
Payment MethodT/T, PayPal, L/C
MOQN4P PRODUCTS: 1000 Pcs. Mixed pallet or container accepted.
CUSTOM ORDERS: 2000 Pcs per specification and flavor.

Usage Description

Apply shampoo directly to damp coat or make a concentrated solution of shampoo and water in a bottle or bucket. Massage into damp coat and lather. Allow shampoo to remain on pet’s coat for 3 to 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with clean, warm water. Avoid contact with pet’s eyes. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. For external use on animals only.

Usage Suggestion

Use shampoo 2-4 weeks or as needed based on your pet’s coat type and lifestyle. The Coat Nourishing and Anti-Itch formulas can be used as often as once per week. The Flea & Tick Shampoo should only be used once per month or as directed by your vet. Choose color-enhancing shampoos for pets with brown or white coats as needed for tone-brightening and tinting. For Cats formula for gentle cleansing of felines.


For external use on animals only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not apply to irritated skin. Discontinue use if irritation occurs. Rinse eyes immediately if contact occurs and call a veterinarian. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Q: Are N4P Shampoo formulas pH balanced and soap-free?
A: Yes, all N4P Pets Shampoo formulas have a balanced pH level around 7 that is gentle and non-irritating for pets. They are soap-free, utilizing naturally-derived cleansing agents instead of harsh detergents.

Q: Do the shampoo formulas contain any parabens, dyes or artificial fragrances?
A: No, N4P Pets Shampoo products are completely free from parabens, artificial dyes, fragrances, and other harsh chemicals. We use high-quality botanical and plant-based ingredients to naturally enhance and lightly fragrance our shampoo formulas.

Q: Are the N4P flea shampoos safe to use on young puppies or kittens?
A: For puppies under 12 weeks of age, it is best to bathe them using the N4P Pets Coat Nourishing or For Cats shampoo formula. Flea shampoo, even natural-based, may be too harsh for very young animals. Always check with your vet before starting a flea prevention treatment for young pets. We do not recommend the use of flea shampoo on kittens under 12 weeks of age.

Q: How long does it take for the whitening shampoo to brighten my dog’s coat?
A: The N4P Pets White Coat Brightening shampoo is designed to gently and gradually enhance your dog’s coat over 2-4 uses. For best results, use the whitening shampoo once every 1-2 weeks based on your dog’s needs. Brighter, whiter tones may be noticeable within the first 1-2 uses, however, for safely lightening and whitening without drying out the coat and skin, multiple uses over time are recommended. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.

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