N4P Pets Deodorant Spray

Natural formula
Delightful fragrance
Suitable for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters and other small animals
Customization Available



N4P Pets Deodorant Spray is an odor eliminating spray for dogs and cats with a fresh lemon scent. Formulated with natural ingredients like bitter ginseng, aloe vera and citrus peel extracts combined with bio-enzymatic technology to neutralize odors at the source. Use on pet beds, food bowls, litter boxes, furniture, toys and more. The non-irritating, pleasantly fragranced formula removes urine, feces and other pet odors while leaving behind a refreshing aroma. Each 500ml bottle provides multiple full room applications.

Basic Info

Application ScenesFor eliminating pet odors such as urine, feces and general mustiness on pet items, furniture, floors, closets, crates, litter boxes and more
Main FeaturesNatural, non-toxic formula neutralizes odors with bio-enzymatic technology and botanical extracts. Leaves a light, refreshing lemon fragrance behind. Cruelty-free, vegan and environmentally friendly. Child and pet safe when used as directed. Removes even tough pet odors like urine and feces. Gentle yet effective
AcceptanceOEM/ODM, Trade, Wholesale, Regional Agency
Payment MethodT/T, PayPal, L/C
MOQN4P PRODUCTS: 1000 Pcs. Mixed pallet or container accepted.
CUSTOM ORDERS: 2000 Pcs per specification and flavor.

Usage Description

Shake well before each use. Hold bottle 6-12 inches from odor source or surface and spray until coated, using 3-5 seconds bursts. Allow to dry completely. For stubborn odors, reapply until odor is removed. Spot test on fabrics and carpets in an inconspicuous area first to check for colorfastness. Vacuum loosened debris from carpets after drying. Avoid oversaturating – spray just enough to coat the odor source or area. Keep out of the reach of children and pets during application. Allow room to ventilate when possible.

Usage Suggestion

Always test on fabrics and carpet in an inconspicuous area first to check for colorfastness. Vacuum treated area after it dries completely to remove any loosened dirt or debris. Reapply as needed until odor is eliminated. For tough odors, allow product to soak in for up to 24 hours before wet cleaning the area. Ventilate room well after spraying and avoid strong fragrances which can mix with essential oil scent. Discontinue use if irritation occurs.


For external use only. Do not spray near open flame. Avoid contact with eyes. In case of eye contact, flush with water for 15 minutes. Do not ingest. Contents under pressure – do not puncture or incinerate container. Store in a cool area away from direct sunlight. Dispose of properly according to instructions. Not for use on humans. For pet odor elimination only. Keep out of reach of children and pets.


Q: Is the formula safe to use around pets and children?
A: When used as directed, the spray formula is non-toxic, natural, and safe to use in homes with pets and children. However, it is best to keep pets and children away from the direct spray during application and drying. Keep product securely locked and out of reach between uses. Some pets may be sensitive to certain essential oils, so discontinue use if irritation occurs. Proper ventilation is recommended for use in confined spaces.

Q: Will the spray damage or stain fabric, carpet or flooring?
A: The deodorizing spray formula is designed to be non-staining when used properly on most surfaces. However, due to variations in materials, it is best to first test the spray in an inconspicuous area to check for colorfastness, especially on porous, delicate or light-colored materials. Avoid over-saturating sprayed area. For heavily soiled or stained areas, spray and blot with a damp cloth, do not rub. Allow to dry completely. Vacuum any loosened debris from carpet after it dries. Discontinue use if any damage occurs.

Q: How long will the lemon scent last? Do I need to reapply?
A: The fresh lemon essential oil used in the spray provides a natural aroma that lasts up to 2-3 days in most areas before needing reapplication. More porous, dirty or heavily soiled areas may require reapplying every 1-2 days until odor is fully eliminated.

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