100 Perfect Dog Names for British and Irish Breeds


100 Perfect Dog Names for British and Irish Breeds

Pay tribute to your pup’s heritage with one of these meaningful names.  Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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From the English springer spaniel to the Irish terrier, England and Ireland are home to some of the most beloved dog breeds. Often working side-by-side with their humans, these fine canines serve their owners (and countries!) well by herding sheep and cattle, game hunting, droving livestock from one region to another, flushing out vermin, and even transporting war messages.  

The perfect dog names for British and Irish breeds reflect their proud heritage. Some breeds are quite rare, such as the otterhound, English setter, and Glen of Imaal terrier. Others, including the Parson Russell terrier, beagle, and Irish setter, are found in family homes around the world. But all have fascinating histories and continue to delight pet parents—some of whom get so attached to their breed, they'd never have another!

So whatever new British or Irish pup you have, review this list for a moniker that's truly special—just like your doggo!

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Boy Names for British and Irish Dog Breeds

Whether he's brave or has the heart of a poet (or maybe both), these names bring out the best of your pooch.

  • Aidan (Irish meaning: Little fiery one)
  • Alfie (English meaning: Variation of "Alfred," which means sage or wise)
  • Barnaby (English meaning: Son of consolation)
  • Benedict (English meaning: Blessed one)
  • Brady (Irish meaning: Descending of Bradach)
  • Bran (English meaning: Raven)
  • Cedric (English meaning: Chief, kindly)
  • Colin (Irish meaning: Young child, peaceful dove)
  • Conor (Irish meaning: Lover of hounds)
  • Desmond (Irish meaning: From South Munster)
  • Declan (Irish meaning: Man of prayer)
  • Dermot (Irish meaning: Free man)
  • Devin (Irish meaning: Poet)
  • Earl (English meaning: Nobleman or prince)
  • Flynn (Irish meaning: Son of the red-haired one)
  • Finch (English meaning: Songbird)
  • Graham (English meaning: Gravel homestead)
  • Harry (English meaning: Home ruler)
  • Liam (Irish meaning: Resolute protector)
  • Miles (English meaning: Soldier)
  • Oliver (English meaning: From the olive tree, symbolizing fruitfulness and dignity)
  • Parker (English meaning: Park keeper)
  • Pierce (English meaning: Rock)
  • Riley (Irish meaning: Courageous)
  • Rogan (Irish meaning: Red-haired)
  • Romney (English meaning: Winding river)
  • Seamus (Irish meaning: Form of "James," supplanter)
  • Shane (Irish meaning: God is gracious)
  • Sterling (English meaning: Little star)
  • Tate (English meaning: Cheerful)
  • Torin (Irish meaning: Chief)
  • Truman (English meaning: Loyal one)

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Girl Names for British and Irish Dog Breeds

From fierce to fetching, female dog names like these highlight the many wonderful characteristics of your pet.

  • Alma (Irish meaning: All good)
  • Aoife (Irish meaning: Beautiful)
  • Audrey (English meaning: Noble strength)
  • Bowden (English meaning: Messenger)
  • Bree (Irish meaning: Strong)
  • Briann (Irish meaning: Strong, ascending)
  • Bridget (Irish meaning: Strong)
  • Daisy (English meaning: Day's eye)
  • Deirdre (Irish meaning: Sad one)
  • Emily (English meaning: Rival)
  • Enya (Irish meaning: Fire)
  • Ethne (Irish meaning: Fire)
  • Gilda (English meaning: Golden)
  • Glenn (Irish meaning: Narrow valley)
  • Fiona (Irish meaning: White, fair)
  • Gemma (English meaning: Gem, jewel)
  • Imogen (English meaning: Maiden)
  • Inis (Irish meaning: From the river island)
  • Keely (Irish meaning: Beautiful)
  • Keira (Irish meaning: Black-haired)
  • Kerry (Irish meaning: Dark princess)
  • Laoghaire (Irish meaning: Calf herder)
  • Lucy (English meaning: Light)
  • Maeve (Irish meaning: Intoxicating)
  • Meryl (English meaning: Bright sea)
  • Mirna (Irish meaning: Tender)
  • Moira (Irish meaning: Destiny)
  • Neala (Irish meaning: Champion)
  • Nell (English meaning: Variation of "Ellen," shining light)
  • Olivia (English meaning: Olive tree)
  • Orla (Irish meaning: Golden princess)
  • Quinn (Irish meaning: Wise)
  • Rosalind (English meaning: Pretty rose)
  • Saoirse (Irish meaning: Liberty)
  • Victoria (English meaning: Victory, conqueror)
  • Willow (English meaning: Willow tree, freedom)
  • Zara (English meaning: Princess)

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Dog Names From All Over the British Isles

England is just one of five countries included in the British Isles—the others are Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland, and Wales. Assorted smaller islands, such as the Isle of Man and the Shetland Islands (home of the Shetland sheepdog), are part of the group, too. See what inspiration you can draw from this region's historic names.

  • Afon (Welsh meaning: River)
  • Allister (Scottish meaning: Defender of mankind)
  • Angus (Scottish meaning: Exceptional)
  • Bonnie (Scottish meaning: Attractive)
  • Branwen (Welsh meaning: Beautiful raven)
  • Carson (Irish-Scottish meaning: Son of the marsh dwellers)
  • Carys (Welsh meaning: To love)
  • Coby (Scottish meaning: Variant of "Coburn")
  • Duncan (Scottish meaning: Dark warrior)
  • Enid (Welsh meaning: Soul, life)
  • Fergus (Irish-Scottish meaning: The strong one)
  • Gordon (Scottish meaning: From Gordon)
  • Greer (Scottish meaning: Watchful, vigilant)
  • Griffin (Welsh meaning: Lord, prince)
  • Guthrie (Scottish meaning: From the windy place)
  • Haul (Welsh meaning: Sun)
  • Ian (Scottish meaning: Gift from God)
  • Iona (Scottish meaning: From the Island of Iona)
  • Innis (Gaelic meaning: Island)
  • Kent (Welsh Meaning: White)
  • Leith (Scottish meaning: Flowing water)
  • Mackenzie (Scottish meaning: Attractive)
  • Meredith (Welsh meaning: Magnificent
  • Owen (Welsh meaning: Lamb)
  • Niall (Scottish meaning: Champion)
  • Norris (Scottish meaning: From the North)
  • Rhiannon (Welsh meaning: Sacred queen)
  • Rhys (Welsh meaning: Ardor, enthusiasm)
  • Sorcha (Gaelic meaning: Radiant)
  • Stuart (Scottish meaning: Guardian)
  • Teagan (Welsh meaning: Creative)
  • Winnie (Welsh meaning: Fair one)

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Additional reporting by Jennifer Aldrich.

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