These 15 Pets Are Living Their Best Lives on Summer Vacation


These 15 Pets Are Living Their Best Lives on Summer Vacation

Sunny days, pool vibes, and sandy paw prints are the only way we want to enjoy our summer vacation! Sam Saunion and her dog, Cleo
Sam Saunion and her dog, Cleo By Samantha Saunion July 14, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print dog enjoying his summer vacation in the back of a vintage van with a woman and a man
dog enjoying his summer vacation in the back of a vintage van with a woman and a man Credit: View Apart / Getty

Dogs by the pool, kitties on mountains, fur babies in hotel rooms … that can only mean one thing. It's summer vacation! We look forward to summer all year—longer days, beautiful weather, pets having fun in the sun—what isn't there to love? If you're a summer lover AND a pets lover like we are, boy are you in for a treat.

We're rounding up some our favorite pets just living their best lives during the hot summer days. From a Yorkie in a bikini (yes—a bikini!) to a corgi splashing in the pool, we wish we were just HALF as cool as these pets. Pack the sunscreen, put on your favorite pair of shades, and let's head to the beach.

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Ahoy Matey!

Iceberg dead ahead! No, just kidding but @meow_taineer is taking his job as kayaking partner very seriously and we are here for it.

Bikin Szn

@_its_me_apple_ is giving us all the hot girl summer vibes. Not to mention she is turning heads in her stylish two-piece number.

Just a Little Sprinkle

Hot summer days call for a little sprinkler action! @yorkie_ginger_ and her mom are putting the "cool" in cooling down.

Just Got Lei’d

Anyone else feel like going on a trip to Hawaii this summer? @Emersonrae_meow is all lei'd up and ready to jet set off to an island! (Take us with you please!)

Tongue’s Out, Sun’s Out

It wouldn't be a hot dog summer without a couple of beach days, amirite? @woodywoodstock2020 and his buddy are having too much tongue-wagging fun in the sand.

In the Jungle, the Mighty Jungle

HOLD UP—is this the Lion King?! Or is it just a cat living his best summer life? @simbas_scottish_pride really knows how to sunbathe in style.


@apollo_spacecorg may not be the most graceful corgi in the pool … but gosh darn it he is the cutest! The little life jacket is seriously the most adorable accessory.

Say Cheese

We can't resist a touristy photo in front of the water on vacation! But @baobaoinboston may just have us beat as the most precious tourist photo ever.

The Meowtains Are Calling

If a tree falls in the forest and no one is around to hear it but a cat, does it meow?? @kittenish.kona is looking like the most excellent hiking buddy for your adventure vacation!

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Vacation Fit Flex

Flyest vacation fit' ✅ Did you really vacation right if you didn't bring all your newest and dopest clothes in your luggage with you?! @Chicoandthecity says no—you didn't.

Slip ‘N Slide

Slip 'N Slides and sprinklers in the backyard may be some of our best summer memories from childhood. Who says our dogs can't join in on the fun, too?

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Surf’s Up

Hey—ya gotta start somewhere! @payapup's surf lessons in the pool may be the funniest pool video we've seen all summer.

Beach Boys

Wet noses and paw prints in the sand are the only way we want to enjoy our summer. Who's with me?

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Wet ‘n Wild

Why does water just taste SO MUCH better when it comes out of a sprinkler?! (Asking for a friend, totally not me.)

Boat Party

If we could party with anyone on a boat, it would probably be with one of our favorite Frenchies, @miaavery15_frenchie. Wait actually, she might outshine us with all her fabulous outfits … so never mind.

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