Dog Picnics Have Never Been So Cute! These 12 Puppers Show How to Laze in Style


Dog Picnics Have Never Been So Cute! These 12 Puppers Show How to Laze in Style

We don’t know about you, but our only ambition right now is to stretch out with our pups, wiggle toes in the grass, and graze. Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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When soft breezes rustle through the trees and there's not a cloud in the sky, it's time to spend a leisurely day outdoors with your favorite four-pawed pal. Few activities are better than a dog picnic, complete with all the best tasty morsels and a few outdoor toys.  

Dog-Friendly Picnics We Want to Have Right Now

If you need inspiration on how to go full-on picnic, dog style, we think these playful puppers below have set the right tone!

Packed and Ready

Millie the French bulldog would like you to know there are ample amounts of chicken and bacon biscuits and other treats in the picnic basket. Oh, and she wants you to mark your calendars every year for National Picnic Day April 23 and International Picnic Day June 18.

Picnic Mode: Activate!

Emmy is a papillon and Dachshund mix who has undoubtedly found the best sunny spot for a relaxing snooze. Just give her a frozen dog treat and she's all set!

Let the Feasting Begin

Bismarck and Louis, cute-as-a-bug Cavapoos (or Cavoodles), have probably saved up all their treat points for a little smackerel of these cheeses!

Central Park Chillin’

Central Park has more than 800 acres and quite a few dog-friendly areas, as darling beagle Poppy discovered. 

Totally Stylin’

Kobe the Pomeranian encourages you to coordinate your summer fashion and dog picnic accessories for the most festive outing.

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Waiting …

Obviously a very good dog, golden retriever Maverick stared intently at his pawrent when asked if he'd like a treat. Um, yeah! Look at all this stuff!


We can only imagine the challenge of keeping a Leonberger away from your hot dog! Who can resist that adorable mug, tho?

Okay, Fine, Bring the Cat

Featuring one of the best picnic set-ups ever, Choichai the Shiba Inu doesn't even mind sharing with cat sibling, Jima.

Happy Day

According to Barrister, this is what it feels like when your hoomans take you to the grounds of the Philadelphia Museum of Art, make sure your water bowl is full, and provide plenty of snuggles and snacks. 

Where’s Mine?

"I'm a good dawg. I'm not snuffling into anything—yet. But I am wondering when I'll get my nibbles! Isn't there a doggie fruit plate here somewhere?"

Best Shady Spot

This adorable lil' Chihuahua boi knows how to take it easy on a hot summer's day. Here's what you can do to help your pup avoid heat exhaustion and heatstroke during outdoor fun.

What Do You Mean ‘All Gone’?

Unacceptable, says Echo Mills the Brittany spaniel. They're not ready to go home, either!

How to Take Your Dog on a Picnic 

First, find a dog-friendly picnic area. Most municipalities have spots near (not in!) existing dog parks. This means your pooch can enjoy a good frolic before getting all lazy and cozy with you on a blanket under the shade. Also check local parks and recreation sites to see where pups are permitted, although you'll likely still need to keep them leashed or on a hitching system. There are also some apps, such as BringFido and PawParks, that help you zero-in on the best options.  

Then, pack dog picnic food and drink for the ultimate in noshing goodness. Stock a basket to the brim of human foods that are safe (and nummy!) for doggos, too, and fill up a nifty combo dog bottle/water bowl.  Also remember to bring doggie-safe sunscreen and bug spray for both of you.

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