These 13 Dogs in Pride Parades Make You Want to Wave a Flag and Cheer


These 13 Dogs in Pride Parades Make You Want to Wave a Flag and Cheer

Who better than an all-accepting rainbow-clad pup to remind everyone that love is love? Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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dog in pride parade Credit: Hellotica

It's easy to be in a celebratory mood when stylish pups arrive on the scene of, well, just about any occasion! And with more folks showing up with their dogs in Pride parades across the country, marking the anniversary of the Stonewall riots and the fight for LGBTQ+ civil rights, it's impossible not to love all of the stylish puppies rocking the rainbow gear.

Before diving into all the glitter and glam with your pup, review some guidelines about taking dogs to parades to make certain they enjoy the experience as much as you. Because if the doggos below are any indication of the good times and shared community during Pride, maybe there should be pawrades every month!

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Load Up the Pride Wagon!

Yorkshire terriers Scotty and Simone from the Philly/South Jersey area are making it happen in their rainbow-outfitted wagon and harnesses, which are only the beginning of a good parade excursion.

Lil’ Paws

Either this pooch's paws gave out along the route or they're simply Daddy's favorite furchild who deserves extra pampering. (Probably the latter, right?)

Totally Proud

"Heeeey! I'm Kai the Toy Pomsky! And I'm downright adorable in this dazzling ensemble."

Any Time is Tutu Time

We don't know who this tiny tot is, but we give their attire four paws up.

Curbside for Pride

The organizers of the Buffalo Pride Parade made a point to not only showcase this dashing doggo all decked out but also a whole photo stream of other cuties!

Now Presenting …

Gino King Coco the bulldog escorted his dog dad Eric to their first Pride parade ever in 2022!

Heeeey! Throw Me Somethin’!

Duke is a rescued Rottweiler mix who's certain one glint of his big wide doggie grin means tasty treats for sure.

Showing Up for Support

While his one Mom walked in the parade, Ghost the Cane Corso and his other Mom made the rounds in their cheerful outfits.

Flashback Style

In the 1991 Seattle Pride Parade, this daring dachshund in leather had the flashbulbs poppin'!

New BFFs

Pride brings everyone together, and when Oliver met Isha, they shared an immediate connection.

Here Comes Finley the Therapy Dog!

Finley the golden retriever had a smile, tail wag, and fuzzy cuddle for everyone at the pawrade!

Love Is Love

Husbands Jonathan Bennet and Jaymes Vaughn, owners of OUTbound Travel, treated their precious pooch Brad to the Palm Springs Pride event. So fetch!

More Dogs in Pride Parades

If you need an extra dopamine dose of puppies (and frankly, who doesn't?), scroll through this Instagram stream for more sweet rainbow goodness!

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