Watch Martha Snag Flying Discs so Fast the Camera Can Barely Record Her Breakneck Speed


Watch Martha Snag Flying Discs so Fast the Camera Can Barely Record Her Breakneck Speed

At no point in the video do Martha’s feet touch the ground, so it’s safe to assume she can indeed fly, right? By Austin Cannon June 09, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print dog catching disc tiktok
dog catching disc tiktok Credit: Courtesy of pupsndowns / TikTok

I promise this video features a dog, but you might have to take my word for it because you can barely see her. 

It features a brown-and-white disc dog named Martha who must love catching anything her owner tosses. Her breakneck speed makes for a mesmerizing TikTok, posted by her owner via his pupsndowns account earlier this week.

The 16-second video is rather simple but, for some reason, immensely satisfying to watch. It shows Martha's owner crouched in a yard alone with a handful of disks. He tosses one maybe 1 foot in the air with a delighted look on his face. 

Just as the disc begins to descend, a brown blur zooms across the screen and the disc is gone. He tosses three more discs, and each time you can barely see Martha fly by. (I mean this kind of literally; no part of the video shows her feet touching the ground.) 

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Enthralling, right? The video has so far attracted about 1.9 million views. If you're looking for a challenge, some of the video's commenters recommend making the video a "pause game": Try pausing the video each time Martha's on screen. Harder than it seems!

Speed isn't the only thing Martha has to offer. She's obviously well-trained—through positive reinforcement methods based on the TikTok account—and just loves tracking down her discs like a ridiculously fast outfielder. 

Just don't blink—you'll probably miss her.

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