These 14 Dogs at Farmers’ Markets Are Having the Time of Their Lives


These 14 Dogs at Farmers’ Markets Are Having the Time of Their Lives

When you’re a pup who loves the public, strolling at the market is your perfect adventure! Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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man and woman at a Farmer's Market with their dog on a leash Credit: Jupiter Images / Getty

Few things are better in life than taking advantage of a beautiful sunny day by spending free time with your favorite pooch. Which is why it's no surprise that we see so many pet parents with their dogs at farmers' markets! Who better than your furry friend to languish over tasty smackerals from an outdoor restaurant, enjoy some live music, and maybe meet up with other doggo-lovin' pals?

While not all farmers' markets allow dogs, those that do often provide water stations, clean-up supplies, and special events to make it a fun, interactive outing. And without a doubt, these featured pups and their special hoomans make the most of it!


Hugo the Boss, a charming Boston terrier in Seattle, is eager to show you around.

Why Stroll When You Can Roll?

This pooch obviously knows how to navigate all the best treat booths.

Ready for … Whatever

Yep, we don't know why this doggie needs such a perspective, but there must be a reason.

Totally Adorable

This little fluff brought out all the stops for her farmers' market excursion.

Hello Fren!

Strudel the Weimaraner is beyond delighted to meet up with some pup pals at his local market.

Bundle Up

Early mornings at the market can get a bit nippy, so dress appropriately. Want to check out more dogs in sweaters? We've got you covered.

Strike a Pose

You want to feature me in your "Dogs at Farmers' Markets" story? But of course! Here's my best side.

Corgi Convention

Is there anything better than a group of corgis doing corgi things together? We can't get enough of those little leggies.

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Favorite Things

Next to things that squeak, her mom, and maybe that pie, Parson Russell Terrier Mina Mae loves the farmers' market.

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Cashing In

We don't know what this Frenchie did to earn all this, but it was probably just sitting there being her adorable self.

Cruise in Style

Honestly, why put a paw on the pavement when you can glide in style?

High Rollers

Oscar the Cairn terrier doesn't mind sharing a spot of shade with his brother, Felix.

Hitchin’ a Ride

When you've puppered at the market super hard and just need a break.

Season’s End

Golden retrievers Wilson and Farmer sniffed all the things at their local market and can't wait until next season!

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