13 Downright Gorgeous Pictures of Dogs in Flower Crowns


13 Downright Gorgeous Pictures of Dogs in Flower Crowns

Dogs are Mother Nature’s best friend, too.
By Chad Taylor May 16, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print dachshund sitting in field of flowers wearing a crown of daisies
dachshund sitting in field of flowers wearing a crown of daisies Credit: Ирина Мещерякова / Getty

Spring is well and truly here, which means it's time to shake off our hibernation clothes and get back out into the world! The word "spring" evokes a lot of thoughts, ranging from budding trees to hay fever, but for me it doesn't get any better than all the early blooming flowers that help welcome us all out of the winter doldrums.

Few things sweeten up a bunch of flowers quite like an adorable dog face, and it is with that in mind that I present to you some of my favorite photos of dogs in flower crowns from around Instagram. Enjoy!

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Milo and Bebe

Milo the Butterfly King is a Nova Scotia duck tolling retriever (pictured here with his golden retriever bestie Bebe) best known for his love of, you guessed it, butterflies. And nothing attracts lots of butterflies better than some nice, bright flowers! Can't get enough Milo? He also serves up cooking videos baking some homemade dog goodies with his dog mom.

Piggy Smalls and Wilbur Vanderbacon

Portland-based pugs Piggy and Wilbur help their mom sell flower arrangements, and she couldn't ask for better models! We bet business is booming.


Moving just up Interstate 5 from Portland, Seattle-based Lark is a 10-year-old rough collie who was recovering from thyroid removal surgery but still managed to make his flower crown look downright princely. Sending healing thoughts your way, Lark!


Sadie the border collie and blue heeler mix lives life colorfully in Las Vegas. She definitely has a sense of adventure and a real eye for the camera.

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Lana is a sweet Havanese from Germany whose mom has apparently made it her mission in life to take nothing but gorgeous photos!


Dog mom Dani also has Wallace and 1-year-old blind boi Rhino at home, but 10-year-old Blueberry is the apple of her eye. And her name is Blueberry. Who can resist pit bulls in flower crowns??

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Little Canadian Pembroke Welsh corgi Kaia travels the world with her human Nicol, and the results are often stunningly picturesque. She's a ray of sunshine in the midst of the cloudy scenery around her.

Charlie Parker

Charlie is just a shih tzu living his very best possible life in Scotland. He specializes in love for all of his friends and pensive looks on Instagram.

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Kahlua & Cava

Kahlua and Cava are a pair of absolutely stunning Doberman sisters who patrol the frozen tundra around Ontario. What's better than one Doberman in flower crowns? Two, of course.


Elle is a 12-year-old Frenchie who is dealing with the aches and pains of being an elderly little dog, but she's handling it with all of the grace of the great French queens who have come before her.

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Photographer and rescue advocate Sophie Gamand makes it her mission to help get long-haul rescue pups adopted into loving forever homes. Finding doggos who have spent five, six, seven years (or more!) in shelters, she gives the precious pups some amazing glow-ups with her gorgeous photography, much of which involves dogs (like Rikki here) in flower crowns!


Cedar is one happy-go-lucky golden retriever living a life full of exploring and hiking in the Pacific Northwest. She loves a flower crown moment and stealing the spotlight from her little brother, Rainier.


Closing our our roundup is beautiful Opal. Decked in her white coat and liver spots, this sweet Dalmatian is the perfect pedestal for her lovely flower crown!

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