14 Dogs Who Prove Puppy Yoga Is the Best Form Of Exercise


14 Dogs Who Prove Puppy Yoga Is the Best Form Of Exercise

It’s not all downward dog!
By Jessica Comstock May 12, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print woman doing the plank yoga pose outdoors on some large boulders with her small dog on her back
woman doing the plank yoga pose outdoors on some large boulders with her small dog on her back Credit: stevecoleimages / Getty

Yoga has helped people exercise, stretch, and quiet their minds for thousands of years—something we could all use after the past few years. And for those of us with dogs running around the house, an hour on a yoga mat next to a calmed pooch sounds like the perfect way to get grounded.

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While our pups probably don't care to work on their flexibility and relaxation, they love to join us on the yoga mat. Luckily, puppy yoga has become popular in recent years to include our mindful mutts in on the action. We've rounded up some of of the most adorable canine yogis Instagram has to offer to give you and your pooch inspiration for your next workout.

Secret the Aussie Wonder

Perhaps our favorite yoga-practicing pup on Instagram, Secret the Australian shepherd practices yoga with her dog mom, Mary, who thankfully shares it with the world on social media. The little paw lift? The downward dog? We can't handle it! Don't miss her incredible painting talents or gardening skills.

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Downward Dog

You'd think downward dog would be the easiest yoga pose to perform with your pup, but that's definitely not the case when kisses are all that's on her mind.

Puppy Meditation

I can't tell if a puppy napping in your lap makes it easier to meditate or much, much harder. What I do know is how adorable this pup is!

Puppy Partner Boat Pose

These two definitely mastered the art of partner puppy yoga. From the matching posture to the mirrored facial expressions, it's like this pup was meant to be a yogi.

Doggy Dancer Pose

Puppy yoga isn't exclusive to small dogs! Just check out this German shepherd joining her human for some outdoor stretching.

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Superdog Partner Pose

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's puppy yoga! This canine yogi is taking trust to the next level by letting her mom hold her in a partner superman pose. How majestic!

Bully Yogi

"What? If you didn't want me to use the mat then why'd you leave it out?" If this isn't a near perfect upward-facing dog pose from this adorable American bulldog, I don't know what is.

Planking Puppy

Is there anything cuter than this miniature schnauzer joining his human for a plank? Talk about impeccable form from both mom and pooch!

Gravity-Defying Sheepadoodle

Now this is impressive! Sure, Ollie the mini sheepadoodle isn't doing much yoga himself, but he's definitely providing some emotional support for his upside down Spiderman-like mom. And he got a treat out of it, which is all we can ask for.

Picture Perfect Pooch

Talk about picture perfect! Some pups know they're better off looking pretty for the camera instead of attempting a yoga pose, and Leo clearly made the right choice. What a good boy!

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Khaya’s Happy Baby

I'm not sure if this pup can reach her toes like mom in the back, but she's definitely trying her best to mimic her happy baby pose. Flexibility takes time, Khaya.

Dolce the Sleeping Corgi

This corgi basically mastered the art of Savasana, right? If you're not trying to feel this relaxed at the end of your yoga session, I think you're doing it all wrong.

Puppy Partner Yoga

Partner yoga is all about trust, and nobody knows it more than these two. While it takes a lot of strength and balance to hold a pup of this size up, this yogi does it with grace and goes in for a puppy kiss in the second photo. What a master!

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Mountain-Posing Min Pin

Eloise the adorable miniature pinscher is participating in some puppy yoga with her dog mom. We love following their adventures all around NYC—and Eloise's outfits are pretty great, too.

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