Take a Break and Look at These 15 Cute Puppy Photos


Take a Break and Look at These 15 Cute Puppy Photos

There’s no such thing as too many adorable puppies. Prepare yourself for cuteness overload! Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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As far as we're concerned, any day is a good day to swoon over cute puppy pictures! But if you need an 'official' reason to scroll the interwebs in search of cute puppies (as if lil' pups could ever be ugly!) March 23 is National Puppy Day.

National Puppy Day was founded in 2006 as a way to generate awareness about the advantage of adoption and helping orphaned pups live their best lives. Puppies improve your health, after all. It's true!

Aussie puppy
Aussie puppy Credit: Courtesy of Sakura Park / Instagram

So if you ooh and ahh during the annual Puppy Bowl and just can't get enough of cute puppy pics, we created a list of some of our favorite puppies on Instagram!

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French bulldog puppies are the second most popular dog breed in the U.S. and with one peek at this sweet mug it's easy to see why! Lovebug Reese was the smallest of his blue fawn litter, but what this cute puppy lacks in size, he makes up for in a huge amount of adorableness! 


Whaaaaat? A cute puppy sleeping? 'Wif his teddy? OMG! Oakley, a golden retriever, hails from Massachusetts and his momma has shared many of his puppydom coming-of-age pics.

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Stunning Irish setter puppy Layka 'admits' she's not so good at fetching, loves mud, steals shoes, and eats many weird things she probably shouldn't. But she's a good girl all the same with pawrents who love her dearly.

Kevin Joseph

Known as the 'goodest boi around making fetch happen', Kevin Joseph is now a manly tricolor Pembroke Welsh corgi livin' it up in Kansas City. But this flashback to his cute puppy days makes it's easy to understand why Queen Elizabeth II has adored this corgi breed for decades.


Not even a year old, and already super cute puppy Argo the red merle Australian shepherd is a product ambassador and big bro to lil' pup sis, Junia. Likes: dog parks in New York City, sticks, and posing as such a handsome boy.

Obi Wonton Cute-nobi

Obviously using 'The Force' to summon all the adorableness in the universe, this malshi (a mix between a Maltese and a shih tzu) ranks high on the cute fluffy puppies list! She taps into her Jedi mind skills to move balls, do uber-fast zoomies, and sleep just about anywhere.


This proud dachshund puppy lives in Sydney, Australia and is such a good boy. A recent graduate of puppy kindergarten who loves to sleep late on the weekends, Franklin is getting longer and longer every day!


A London girl through and through, Lily the sheepadoodle is particularly fond of her human big sister and the two are rarely apart. A sweet, good-natured pup, she's especially tolerant when her mum accentuates her cute puppy good looks with bows, scarves, and other fur adornments!


German shepherd puppies look like smoochable, boopable miniature bear cubs, and Kai is no exception. She considers herself a model and will strike a pose just about anywhere: on a car, at the gym, or next to her treasured stuffed animals! She's a pretty girl with great influencer potential.

Leo Littlepaw

Few things make us squeal with delight than pictures of tiny cute puppies! (That's why we're sharing this list with you!) Leo Littlepaw's pet parents consider him to be 'the best thing to come out of 2020' and we don't doubt it! This spunky Yorkshire terrier puppy steals cat toys and the hearts of everyone around.


As cute white puppies go, we're partial to Lychee the Samoyed. As sweet as the fruit she's named for, her favorite toy rotation changes frequently and she's prone to sleeping in awkward positions. This too cute puppy is going to grow up to be a snuggly furbear! 


This itty bitty pitty is one of many pit bull rescue pups at Pits and Giggles in Charlotte, N.C., which provides "maternity and postpartum care to rescued bully breed mamas and puppies." Just one more reason why we love shelters and rescues! 


Such a little button, Archie the beagle puppy definitely shows us his sweet, sensitive side in this special cute puppy photo! Those eyes—we can't even! He's quite the snuggler and eagerly sits for a treat. Beagles are great family dogs, especially for children.


Shiba Inus start off as small cute puppies (like all dogs!), then remain adorable and compact companions. A treasured Japanese dog breed, teensy Mac here shows why it's so easy to fall in love with them! This darling pup is preparing for a career as a champion show dog.


Carry your cute puppy anywhere she wants to go? Absolutely! Marie the Bernese mountain dog will soon be the one doing the heavy lifting (she'll reach up to 80 pounds!) but for now, this lil' gal still gets to enjoy doggie-back rides, lap cuddles, and using toys as pillows.

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