Celebrate National Mutt Day with the 14 Cutest Mutts on Instagram


Celebrate National Mutt Day with the 14 Cutest Mutts on Instagram

It’s time we recognize all the beautiful characteristics that make mutts one of a kind!
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woman hugging mixed breed Credit: New Africa / Adobe Stock

National Mutt Day, also known as National Mixed Breed Dog Day, is celebrated on December 2 every year. The day was created in 2005 to help educate the public about the prevalence of mixed breed dogs in shelters, and to encourage people to consider adopting mutts. About 80 percent of dogs found in shelters are thought to be of mixed breed, and these wonderful pups are often passed over for purebred dogs. 

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But as any owner of a mutt knows, mixed breed dogs are just as healthy, friendly, and worthy of our love as any other dog. Also, no two mutts are the same! A mixed breed dog can be as individual as a snowflake—they often sport interesting markings, multiple colors of fur, or adorably goofy ears that don't exactly match their body, which we think makes them even cuter. No matter what your mutt looks like, it's so special to know that they are a truly one-of-a-kind dog from the inside out.

To honor the uniqueness of mixed breed dogs, we've found the 14 most adorable mutts on Instagram, and we can't wait for you to meet them!


Show us a picture of a pup with one blue eye and one brow eye, and we'll love you forever. Sweet Bowie is a border collie mix loving life and exploring nature with her mom. Too cute!


Fitz the pup is ready for the holidays! This Rottweiler, Doberman, and German shepherd mix is decked out in his finest Christmas sweater and ready to decorate the tree (and we can only hope he gets some Christmas-themed dog toys, too).


We can't get over this photo! The stunning nature in the background and the striking pup with his blue eyes and pricked ears? We just can't get enough! Mokosh spends his days exploring the PNW with the rest of his crew, and we couldn't be more jealous.


Whizz thrives in the winter, so when he awoke to 35-degree weather in the usually balmy state of Texas, he couldn't wait to wake up his human and go explore the great outdoors!


"Maybe if I stay really still, they won't know I'm here," Callie says as she tries to blend in with the carpet. We think this adorable rescue is doing an A+ job at camouflaging herself!


This shaggy dog named Mimi looks like we do when we wake up in the morning! Actually, let's be real: Mimi pulls off the wild curly hair better than any human could.


Remember how we said mutts can have unique characteristics? @Aspen_germanmutt has eyes that will blow you away! We bet she gets any treat she wants when she looks at her owner with those gorgeous peepers.


Toby is making us long for spring! This black-and-white dog lives in Perth, Australia, and we're super jealous that he's experiencing all that warm weather and sunshine. At least we have this photo to brighten up our day!


You probably didn't realize how painstakingly cute a dog in a cozy bandana could be until you saw this picture of Winston the mutt, but none of us should be surprised since dogs in holiday sweaters are as adorable as they are. Either way—you're welcome! You can find Winston rocking more stylish looks at @thepocketshepherd.


We are loving how majestic this heeler/hound mix named Finch looks as he's soaking in this golden sunset. Work those angles, Finch! (Not to mention this totally brag-worthy list of tricks he's learned through positive reinforcement training. We're impressed.)


Now this is a dog with a face we'll never forget! Is he a border collie? Or an Australian shepherd? We think he looks like the best of both worlds, but no matter what he's made of, @shotothecolliemix is ready for you to send all the virtual boops you'd like! Go ahead, he's waiting.


Luna can be found a majority of the time snoozing the day away on @loungin_with_loonz, but on this rare occasion, she's ready to hit the trails, chase after squirrels, and smile big for the camera. This smiley pup is a mix between a bully breed and a Siberian husky, a mix her adoptive parents have aptly named "pitsky." We love it.


While most of us are dreading the cold, long winter we have ahead of us, June the collie mix is fully embracing the snowy conditions! Check out more of her adventures with her siblings at @asherpluscompany.


You didn't think we'd forget mutt puppies, did you?! As the finale of this round-up, we give you @thekiwipup, an Australian/German shepherd mix with the most precious hazel eyes we've ever seen!

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