These 14 Cats Are Ready for Spring and So Are We


These 14 Cats Are Ready for Spring and So Are We

Nothing beats fresh scents floating on a breeze that flutters on the tips of our—er, their—whiskers! Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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two cats walking together outside near spring flowers Credit: Nataba / Getty

The 2022 calendar says March 20 was the first day of spring, so it doesn't matter what it looks like outside—we're officially marking an end to the wintry season as of now! It's time to throw open the windows, enjoy long walks without multiple layers, and bask in the sun on the patio.

So to put a little springy bounce in your mood, we've compiled a list of inspirational kitties who are just as eager to be outdoors as we are.

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So pretty in her polka-dot harness, Astrid knows the importance of taking time to stop and smell the flowers—or chase a bee. Whatevs.


"Mommy says my modeling is getting better—do you guys agree?" Absolutely, you gorgeous gray calico, you.

Atlas and Lyra

Always ready to explore the hiking trails with their catmom, Janelle, and catdad, Mike, adventure kitties Atlas and Lyra also don't mind hitching an occasional backpack ride. Smart, kitties. Smart.

Chili the Swiss Cat

What better way to observe the comings and goings around where Chili lives in Zurich but from this snazzy windowsill perch?

Speaking of Perches…

The Catbeans Maine coons are certainly living their best lives in their cool catio! If you'd like a fun spring project, here's how to build a catio for your favorite fluffies. 

Okay, No Need to Show Off

Mickey and Minnie, the adorable and agile orange duo, obviously prefurr to be more unfettered in their quest to find the best fair-weather vantage point.  

Handsome Teddy

In his mind, Teddy the tabby is taming the wilds of his backyard urban oasis. Rowr.

Archer the Catcher

This Canadian adventure cat can do it all—hike, kayak, traverse rocky terrain. But sometimes a simple stroll in the park with mom, Vivian, is nice, too.

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"But … but … why did the sunbeam move over there when I'm clearly over here?" Scottish fold Jarvis wants to know. We're certain he'll find it again.

Perfect Pose Mode

Sleek black kitty Hula knows exactly how to work all the best camera angles for a garden close-up!

Are You Looking for Me?

Stealthy and mysterious, we just know Noodle is going to pop out with a full-on ankle grab any second! 


Gibson is another intrepid adventure kitty who loves traveling with mom, Sarah, just about anywhere! In this "Better Together" video, Sarah explains how they make each other's lives more fulfilling.  


Stunning blue eyes provide amazing contrast against a lovely azalea bush! Leo the ragdoll reminds us to always take time to enjoy the beauty all around us.


Fluffy Birman Xana—or her little brother, Garfield, we're not quite sure who's who—is totally ready to break free of the confines of winter! We feel absolutely the same! Go, kitty, go!

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