These 12 Cats Are Really Not Happy About Losing an Hour of Sleep


These 12 Cats Are Really Not Happy About Losing an Hour of Sleep

This whole Daylight Saving Time thing doesn’t feel like we’re saving anything at all.
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closeup of a grumpy gray cat Credit: Kryssia Campos / Getty

Here's your reminder in case you forgot to set your clocks: we sprung forward this past Sunday for Daylight Saving Time! So while the time on your phone or computer may be right, the other clocks in your house will need adjusting. (Excuse us as we dig up the instruction manual to figure out how to change the darn microwave clock.) And you know who else probably needs adjusting? Your cat.

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Not only did our four-legged friends lose an hour of cat napping, they also potentially lost out on playtime, scratches, and treats. What a cat-astrophe! No wonder they're grumpy.

Keep scrolling to see how cats around the globe reacted to losing an hour of sleep this week.


Don't you wear this same look when you don't get enough sleep? Oreo the exotic shorthair is dressed in business casual on this Monday, but he's far from ready to work.


"You've got to be kitten me. What do you mean it's time to get up?!"


Goldfish the rescue kitty can barely keep her eyes open! She's begging her dad to put away the computer and just sleep the day away (we don't blame her!).

Sailor Venus

"Catloaf, but make it Monday." Veenie has some cattitude this Monday morning after losing one of her precious hours of beauty rest.


Yoko the sphynx kitten sees plenty of cat naps in her future, especially while cuddled up in a cozy blanket.


Mazikeen, or Maze for short, has mastered the side-eye look for the camera. This ragdoll kitty is not pleased with Daylight Savings Time.


Biiiiig yawn! Ace the Bengal cat is waiting for his humans to put their paw-jamas back on for a little extra snooze time this Monday morning.


The ultimate grumpy cat, Mochi isn't loving this early wake-up call. Lucky for him, his grumpy face is also irresistably adorable.


Hugo the British shorthair can't help but sulk—it's a morning, it's a Monday, and Daylight Saving stole an hour of sleep. Just claw-ful.


Paw-don me. What is this "work" you speak of? I think you owe me an extra hour of snuggles and kisses before you hop on that zoom call.

Bonnie and Clyde

Ragdoll siblings Bonnie and Clyde are paws-itively not happy about losing sleep this week. And can you blame them? They'll be on the couch until further notice, thank you.


Finally, Luna seems to have made herself comfortable for a nap in the sun. Fingers (paws?) crossed we all can squeeze in a little cat nap post-Daylight Savings.

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