These Are the Trendiest Dog Names of 2022


Move over, Rover. Bye-do, Fido. You’re no longer hot, Spot!

For the 10th year running, has compiled its annual list of the top pet names of 2022, and there are certainly some unique dog names in there! While the top five most popular puppy names are still pretty normal, the trendiest pet names are far snazzier.

First, let’s take a look at the top five most common boy dog names: Max, Charlie, Milo, Cooper and Buddy. Super standard, right? Same with the top five girl pup names, all of which are adorable: Luna, Bella, Daisy, Lucy and Lily. As for the trendiest names, some of them take a cue from popular TV shows like Euphoria or films like Encanto, some of them are named for food and some of them are just plain funny dog names.

What are the trendiest dog names of 2022?

  1. Fezco: This is the name of a character from the Netflix show Euphoria, who has been described as intense, but also a secret sweetheart.
  2. Cassini: This is a curious one. Perhaps it’s taken from Jackie Kennedy’s favorite designer, Oleg Cassini?
  3. Mossberg: It’s possible this is from the shotgun Mossberg 590, which Vin Diesel’s character likes to use in the Fast & Furious franchise.
  4. Mirabel: This one’s obvious. It’s the name of the adorable heroine in the hit Disney film Encanto.
  5. Kyna: This is also a curious one, but there is a famous TikTok star named Kynna Cole with 270K followers, so perhaps that’s the inspiration?
  6. Mommy: It is unclear why this is a trending name for dogs, but it must be hilarious to see grown men shouting this across the dog run.
  7. Monka: This one’s for the gamers. The ‘MonkaHmm’ is a popular Twitch emote, and is used to express thinking or suspicion.
  8. Tohru: Anime fans will get this one. Tohru Honda is the name of the protagonist in the popular Fruits Baskets manga comic and anime series.
  9. Frederico: Again, unclear why this is trending exactly unless there is a new generation of fans of the late Italian director Frederico Fellini.
  10. Beige: I’m guessing this is a name depicting the color of the dog’s fur—or perhaps the owner’s preferred color of couch.

What trends are we seeing in dog names?

As we mentioned above, shows like Euphoria provided plenty of inspiration this year. The name Fezco rose 2,385% in popularity, with Fez up 63%, Rue up 35% and Faye up 24%. Yellowstone also provided plenty of inspiration this year, with Dutton up 294%, Teeter up 125% and Rip up 100%.

Some pet owners turned to their favorite food and drink when it came to choosing names. For dogs, Hotpot took the #1 spot, which was up 1,085%. (We’re not going to lie, Hotpot is delicious!) Designer brand names also rose in popularity this year. Bottega was up 185%, Burberry was up 135% and Hermes was up 24%.

Harry Potter also continues to inspire. While we all might have met a pooch with a cute name like Hermione or Hagrid over the years, this year names like Gryffindog, Mad-Eye Moody, Remus Lupin and Azkaban made the top dog name list.

As for dogs named after celebrities, this year Keanu Reeves, Stanley Tucci, Denzel Washington, Sandra Bullock and Steve Buscemi all made this list. Julia Roberts was also trending up 135%. And for the royal family, Lilibet, which is the name of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s daughter (and was the family nickname for Queen Elizabeth), is up 282%. Oh, and our favorite royals-inspired name to make the list this year? Meghan Barkle.

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