13 Signs You’re a Cat Person, Beyond Your Camera Roll Consisting of Only Cat Photos


13 Signs You’re a Cat Person, Beyond Your Camera Roll Consisting of Only Cat Photos

You know how to respond to the slow blink, and you NEVER fall for the belly trap. Kristen Seymour
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Some folks might say "cat person" like it's a bad thing, but those poor people won't be invited to your kitty's next birthday party, will they? That's the thing about being a true cat lover. Not everyone will get your obsession because not everybody appreciates the feline mind the way you do—and that's OK! You know scooping a litter box or cleaning up a hairball now and again is more than a fair trade for the kitty biscuits your cat kneads each night. And that's not the only thing that makes you a cat person.

With all the love and entertainment our cats provide us, who can blame us for being cat people? And, for anyone who's still unsure about that title, well, let us show you some videos of our cat—we're pretty sure you'll come around.

1. You Know the True Meaning of the Slow Blink

Is there anything more pure than being on the receiving end of the kitty "I love you" slow blink? (You get two guesses, but you'll probably have it in one.) And, as a cat person, you also understand other kitty body language, like content purring and kneading, the excited tail up/vibrating stance, and, of course, the king of all demonstrations—the head butt. Of course, every cat communicates a little differently. Remember that even if your kitty's swishing tail typically indicates he's found something super interesting, it could indicate fear in other cats, so it's often best to let new-to-you felines initiate interaction.

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2. You’ve ‘Catified’ Your Home

Have you built shelves to allow your cat to climb the walls? Have a gorgeous and modern kitty condo in the center of your living room? Maybe you even created a catio! The fact is you've made an effort to turn your home into a feline-friendly abode, and you're probably pretty darn happy that so many brands have made it easy to do so without sacrificing your aesthetic (or your comfort). Oh, and if you're looking for some fun DIY cat furniture projects, we've got you covered!

3. When People Ask About Your Last Vacation, You Tell Them About the Cats You Met

If you don't have enough random cat pictures for a full slideshow, did you even vacay? Look, we won't even begin to judge if you booked that last Airbnb specifically because the host included pictures of her cat in the listing (actually, we'd be more likely to judge you if you didn't book it). And when you return from your trip, instead of talking about the sights you saw, you only talk about the cats you saw (and petted if you're lucky).

4. You Never, Ever Fall for the Belly Trap

Look, it's tempting to reach down and give that fuzzy tummy a little scratchy-scratch, but when you're a cat person, you see it for what it is—a furry Venus fly trap situation, where the minute you make contact with that sweet belly, the claws and teeth will latch onto you. And unless you've got a (human) roommate who's willing to open the cat food jars, you're gonna want to hold onto that hand, friend.

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5. Your TikTok Feed Is Full of Cat Content

You follow cats, cat lovers, cat rescues, cat-specific brands … and the algorithm has no problem serving you up more of what you love, so it's basically all cats, all the time. (Full disclosure: We see absolutely nothing wrong with this; in fact, we're pretty sure it means you've won the internet.) You've also subscribed to every cat blog, and you sometimes refer to your favorite Instagram kitties like you know them because, really, it feels like you do.

OK, OK, maybe the occasional dog sneaks in there too, but only when they've brilliantly befriended a clever cat!

6. You’ve Got Holiday Stockings for All of Your Cats

The holidays are far more fun with a furry friend (or five) to spoil, as avowed cat-person Lara Wheless can attest. She has just one holiday stocking for human gifts in her house but has personalized stockings for each of her three kitties, and we're betting they're filled with plenty of care … and toys, treats, and catnip. Not sure what gifts your cat would like best for celebrating her birthday, her gotcha day, or Hug Your Cat Day? We can help you find the purr-fect teething toys, cat bandanas, puzzle feeders, and more.

7. Your Alarm Clock Hasn’t Been Used Since You Brought Your 4-legged Pal Home

Once your kitty's internal clock is set, you can forget sleeping in. From incessant meows to let you know it's breakfast time to early morning games of bed mice (in which your feet are the "mice" and your cat absolutely must catch them all from over the covers), cats aren't exactly known for their willingness to let their people sleep the morning away. That, admittedly, can be mildly annoying because they tend to wander off to take a nap in the day's first sunbeam as soon as you've started to make your coffee. But it's fine, really—you needed to get up anyway. Probably.

8. You Splurged on the Phone With More Memory

What else could you do? Take fewer photos and videos of your cat? Please. When the salesperson talks about gigs, you ask them to break it down in terms of how many videos of your cat playing with his feather toy that would be—that's the kind of math you understand best. But trust us when we say that showing that same salesperson a selection of your favorite cat videos doesn't usually lead you to a discount, even though it could land you a new kitty-loving friend.

9. Your Friends Always Know Where To Find You at a Party

It's not too hard to figure it out. If you're not by the snacks, you're definitely off in a corner, befriending the resident cat. It's not that you're not a party animal, you're just the type of party animal that prefers spending time in a quiet room with some new feline friends as opposed to making small talk with other humans. Shudder.

10. You Know Better Than To Leave Anything Fragile on Surfaces Your Cat Can Reach

Someone's gotta make sure gravity is still working, and you're well aware your kitty is on the case. From cups of coffee and your favorite pen to that lovely porcelain figurine you've had since childhood, if it's anywhere near the edge of a surface, it's in danger of a curious kitty paw taking a swipe. Sure, it can be a little frustrating when you walk back into the living room to yet another glass of water spilled on the carpet, but, on the plus side, your cat's tendency to sweep things off of surfaces probably helps you keep your desk pretty clean, right?

11. You’ve Missed Important Appointments Because You Were Trapped on the Couch

You can't move when you've got a comfy kitty on your lap. It's the law! Or, if it's not, you know it should be. It's hard to imagine anything more soothing than a snoozing kitty snoring on your lap, so you won't see us disrupting that scene. We might recommend keeping your phone handy when you sit in your cat's favorite spot, though, so you can at least let folks know you've got a very important reason for running late.

12. You’re Officially a Toe Bean Aficionado

Not only can you pick your kitty's adorable little paw pads out of a lineup, you're also constantly ready to "ooh" and "ahh" over any feline feet. Come on, those toe beans are precious—and when a cat is relaxed enough to let you see them in their full glory, you know you're doing something right.

13. You Know the Meaning of Each Meow

They might all sound similar to the untrained ear, but as a certified cat person, you can tell the difference between your cat's "I found a bug" noise and his "I'm hungry and all the food in my bowl is old" noise. Same goes for the "I'm jumping up on your lap now" activation noise and the fan-favorite "oh boy, here comes a hairball" sound (also known as the world's most effective alarm clock). But all jokes aside, when you know cats well, it's not hard to recognize when they're making a hunting chirp or simply saying hello.

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