12 Teddy Bear Dogs Who Make the Best Cuddly Companions


12 Teddy Bear Dogs Who Make the Best Cuddly Companions

These dogs are full of love! Yvonne Villasenor
Yvonne Villasenor By Yvonne Villasenor May 27, 2022 Advertisement Pin FB More Tweet Email Send Text Message Print Bichon Frise runs on leash
Bichon Frise runs on leash Credit: Iliya Mitskavets / Adobe Stock

Teddy bears are cuddly companions children absolutely love and cherish. They carry them wherever they go, whether that's out in the living room to spend time with the family or to the park to get some sunshine. And lucky for us, the same can be said about teddy bear dogs, too.

What Is a Teddy Bear Dog?

When it comes to teddy bear dogs, Jo Myers, DVM at online veterinary service Pawp, explains they're not an actual breed of dog. Instead, the moniker is used to describe the dog's adorable appearance that mimics that of a teddy bear. They're usually hybrid breeds, usually mixed to achieve a certain appearance or allergen status.

"The term 'teddy bear breed' just means these dogs are cute and fuzzy," Myers says. "Most are small, a couple are large."

Because these dogs are mixed breeds and tend to be in high demand, it's important to find an ethical breeder. Find a breeder who will let you meet the puppies and the parent dogs, provide health records for the parents, and screen potential owners.

"It's important to do the research so you can know what to expect from the type of dog you select so it's a good match for your family and lifestyle," Myers says. "When talking about these types of dogs, it's especially important to make sure you are looking at getting one from a conscientious and responsible breeder who is doing their best to eliminate health issues."

With the majority of teddy bear dogs being small, Myers points out that they can also be fragile. If you plan for a teddy bear pup to join your family with children in the house, take time to teach them how to properly interact with dogs to help prevent any accidents and keep everyone safe.

Looking for a cute, cuddly companion of your own? Here are 12 teddy bear dogs you're bound to love.

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cute brown and white shichon puppy sitting outside looking directly at the camera
cute brown and white shichon puppy sitting outside looking directly at the camera Shichon puppy or stuffed animal? These pups are so cute, it’s sometimes hard to tell! | Credit: Laura Cruise / Shutterstock

The shichon makes a fantastic canine companion for pet parents of any age. With shih tzu and bichon frise parents both bred for companionship, shichons are affectionate social butterflies who long to be by your side. While these itty bitty pups have low exercise needs, their favorite pastimes include playtime and cuddles!


Morkie sitting on woman's lap
Morkie sitting on woman's lap Credit: Matt Benoit / Getty

Who can resist that bright, fluffy coat and those twinkling, brown eyes? The Morkie, a mix of the Maltese and Yorkshire terrier, is a small sweetheart who is loyal, affectionate, and energetic. This toy dog loves playtime and most definitely lap time. She's happy to play daily games of fetch or tug-of-war and cuddle up beside you on the couch after.


Black and white schnoodle stands with front paws on concrete bench in park
Black and white schnoodle stands with front paws on concrete bench in park Because their parent breeds come in a wide range of sizes, schnoodles can be anywhere from petite 5-pound pups to a whopping 70 pounds. | Credit: Danita Delimont / Getty

This curly-haired cutie is incredibly bright, loyal, and funny. With schnauzer and poodle parents, schnoodles can vary in sizes ranging from toy to giant. Regardless of size, you can expect your sweet schnoodle to enjoy some snuggles. These teddy bear dogs are beloved for their calm demeanor, high level of intelligence, and low-allergen coats. Schnoodles enjoy lounging as well as reveling in puzzle toys and training to put their wits to work.

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Strawberry blonde close-up cavapoo
Strawberry blonde close-up cavapoo Credit: Hannah Boyd / Shutterstock

The ever-so-cuddly Cavapoo is sure to steal your heart. Bred for companionship, you get the best of both worlds with a Cavalier King Charles spaniel's social skills and a poodle's smarts. An adaptable and gentle mixed breed, you can expect your Cavapoo to shower you in affection and attention (and expect the same in return!). Myers describes these lovable lapdogs as having "pleasant personalities"—making them great for children, adults, and seniors. And if their personalities didn't already say "teddy bear," just look at that fluffy coat and floppy ears.


woman holding Maltipoo with teddy bear hair cut
woman holding Maltipoo with teddy bear hair cut Credit: Evrymmnt / Getty

Are you a first-time pet parent? Tenth time? Either way, the Maltipoo is an outstanding companion for those looking for a dog who gets along with everyone—other pets included! A hybrid of the gentle Maltese and athletic poodle, the Maltipoo is a small dog with a big personality! While totally content being a devoted lapdog, Maltipoos are also active and will love burning off their energy by playing fetch or with their favorite toys.

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Malshi on woman's lap
Malshi on woman's lap Credit: KJG Photography, Kim Guisti / Getty

The Malshi is a smart, social sweetheart. A winning combination of a Maltese and shih tzu, Malshis are eager to please—and easy to love. Their favorite place is in their guardian's lap, and they prefer to be in their presence for most of the day. Malshis get along with just about anyone and are a great addition to most families. Although they only require a short amount of exercise every day, Malshis love indoor play and puzzle games.


Red Cockapoo standing in front of green foliage
Red Cockapoo standing in front of green foliage Because of their diverse parent breeds, cockapoos can be all different colors, sizes, and coat textures. | Credit: mountaintreks / Adobe Stock

A single look at this precious face makes it easy to see why the cockapoo is a real-life teddy bear. A mix between the cocker spaniel and poodle, the cockapoo is a smart, affectionate, and loyal dog. This hybrid pup comes in various colors and sizes with a curly, low-allergen coat and floppy ears that will make you swoon. Friendly and easy-to-love, cockapoos can easily make friends with other people and pets, and they're happy to hang out on the couch or do zoomies in the yard.

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Lhasa Apso

grey lhasa apso with a short haircut sitting on wooden deck
grey lhasa apso with a short haircut sitting on wooden deck Credit: simon2579 / Getty

With long, luscious locks like those, it's no wonder why Lhasa apsos are small dogs with a whole lot of confidence. They're cute, and they know it! To give them the teddy bear look, ask your groomer for a puppy cut. Lhasa apsos are a funny, intelligent, and happy-go-lucky breed that makes excellent family dogs. Originating in Tibet, the Lhasa was bred to be a watchdog in palaces and Buddhist monasteries high in the Himalayas, and those tendencies come through in their loyalty to their families.

Shih Tzu

Small dog on lease cocks head at the camera
Small dog on lease cocks head at the camera Credit: moaan / Getty

Looking for a dog who's as loving as they are precious? Meet your new BFF! Myers describes the shih tzu ("little lion") as being "well suited for life as a lapdog and companion." Loyalty is in their ancestry, as shih tzus have been lapdogs for over 1,000 years—and with Chinese royalty to boot. These little darlings are happy, playful, and affectionate and can easily make pals with any human and pet.

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Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise runs on leash
Bichon Frise runs on leash Credit: Iliya Mitskavets / Adobe Stock

The bichon frise is an extroverted pup who's super silly, easygoing, and playful. Up to make friends with any human or pet they meet, the bichon frise is oh-so-easy to love. These adorable, white balls of floof are also a wonderful option for those with allergies.

"[The bichon frise] has a very tight, curly hair coat that is purported to produce less shedding than many other breeds," Myers says. "No dog is truly hypoallergenic, [but] people with dog allergies may be able to better tolerate this breed if his skin is kept healthy and clean."


White and brown shorkie looks up at camera
White and brown shorkie looks up at camera Credit: BoxBox / Getty

Shorkies are small, spunky dogs who wish for nothing more than for all eyes to be on them. (And who could blame them?) With shih tzu and Yorkshire terrier parents, the shorkie has the teddy bear look perfected. These tiny pups are affectionate, loyal, and brilliant. Shorkies love being held, playing with interactive toys, and going for short walks. Expect to get endless amounts of "awww" as your little one struts down the street!

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Close-up portrait of blond cavachon dog
Close-up portrait of blond cavachon dog Credit: Patrick / Adobe Stock

Cavachons are a newer hybrid breed that is rising in popularity, and it's easy to see why. Combine the Cavalier King Charles spaniel's playfulness and patience with the bichon frise's cheerfulness and friendliness and you get one fun-loving pup! This spunky and snuggly pup is always excited at both the chance to play and sit in your lap. Cavachons make a perfect addition to a household with kids and are an all-around great family dog.

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