This Is the Dog Breed That’s Most Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign


Zodiac signs as dogs: which pups fit your personality?

Dogs are precious creatures that give us infinite love and loyalty. They also have unique physical, emotional, and intellectual traits. Curly haired dogs have wonderful ringlets in their coats, calm dogs tend to have easygoing personalities, and there are even dogs that get along with cats—but did you know there are certain dog breeds that are most compatible with specific zodiac signs?

If you’re planning on adopting a dog soon and are in tune with your zodiac sign, it’s only fitting to learn what kind of dog breed best fits your personality and your home. Each sign has different defining traits, so it’s best to examine the zodiac signs as dogs for compatibility. Animal activist and ambassador for the American Humane Society, Jean Shafiroff, has a simple answer to this question: “They need to get along,” she says, “and that can happen over time, but they have to have an understanding of one another. Generally, people like other people that are similar [to themselves] and that goes for animals, too. They like animals that they can relate to.” If you’re looking for a little BFF, check out the most loyal dog breeds that will always stay by your side.

Let’s take a look at which cute dog breeds are most compatible with your zodiac sign—matches truly written in the stars!

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