27 Dog Jokes for Kids That Will Have Them Barking with Joy


Perhaps the only thing kids love more than silly, corny jokes is dogs. Big dogs, small dogs, Yorkies, Newfies, retrievers—if it barks and lets you pet it, kids are generally all for it. What better way to entertain the kids, then, than with some great dog jokes for kids to crack them up?!

Maybe your corgi is doing something silly and you take a picture to make a dog meme. Or maybe they make a funny sound or look like a dog cartoon! The smiles that our dogs inspire show just how important a good chuckle can be.

You may be wondering howl you pick just one joke, but we don’t think you have to limit yourself. Take as many dog puns and jokes as you want! These hilarious jokes will brighten up any ruff day.

Dog jokes for kids

1. What is a dog dentist’s favorite tooth?

The canine.

2. What is a dog’s favorite song to listen to after a bath?

“Shake It Off” by Taylor Swift.

3. Why should you be careful when you are petting dogs on the street?

You wouldn’t want to rub the wrong stray!

4. Why do dogs howl at the night sky?

They are trying to communicate with the bark side of the moon.

5. What kind of dog is most like a cat?

A Purr-man Shepherd.

6. Why is a dog like a tree?

They both enjoy a good bark in the park.

7. Why was everyone shocked that I let my pup drive my car?

They had never seen a dog park before. You’ll love these best knock knock jokes for kids too.

Puppy jokes for kids

8. What does a dog stay in when she goes camping?

A pup-up tent., Getty Images

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