What Are Dog Diapers and Does Your Dog Need Them?


I worked as a veterinary technician more than 20 years ago, and pet lovers then had the same complaints then that they do now: puppies making potty messes, and “leaky” old pets needing dog diapers. Today, I’m a certified animal behavior consultant for dogs and cats and the award-winning author of more than 35 health care pet books. Many of my books and articles offer practical solutions for dealing with dog and cat challenges.

Thankfully, today we have lots of options for keeping messy pooches comfortable, and our homes clean. Dog diapers—just like those designed for human infants or adults with incontinence issues—contain the pet’s waste for easy disposal. They offer a sanitary management solution for pet lovers. If you’re looking for a more eco-friendly and economical alternative, these washable dog pee pads are just what you need.

How do dogs and owners benefit from dog diapers?

Loving a dog means dealing with pet waste. We expect pets to eliminate in the right place and on our human schedule, but pets don’t always act the way we expect. Here are some ways you and your dog can benefit from dog diapers.

  • A clueless puppy without proper training may “whoops” in unexpected places. Diapers help protect your house from the mess until the pup learns potty etiquette.
  • An intact girl dog’s bloody discharge stains carpets and furniture when they go into season. That can last two weeks or longer. Dog diapers contain the discharge and help thwart boy dog Romeos until your flirty girl dog gets spayed.
  • Say you rescue a needy adult dog. He or she may not know proper potty behavior, or the stress of a new home could cause a lapse in his house training. A “hoser” dog leg-lifts to mark with urine all over your house, while a submissive pup “cries uncle” by peeing to say he’s sorry. Don’t blame the dog. The urine smell calms him down, so the more stress he feels from nail trimming, confrontations with the cat, or your frustration when he dumps his food bowl, the more he’ll baptize your home.
  • Modern dogs live longer, fuller lives than ever before. Thank dog, we don’t give up on a pet with a physical challenge, either. Instead, we make accommodations for them. Dogs in wheelchairs live wonderful, fulfilling lives, but may lose bladder or bowel control. Dog diapers make it possible for disabled pets to stay with their people.
  • Just as women of a certain age have a bit of trouble with (ahem) spillage because of a loss of estrogen, the same thing happens with aging spayed girl dogs. They don’t mean to leak, it just happens.
  • Certain veterinary-prescribed medications increase urination and can cause potty accidents.
  • Finally, a percentage of senior citizen canines develop age-related cognitive issues, sort of a doggy version of senility. They may remember house training—or not—but forget how to tell you when they need to go outside. Or they simply can’t “hold it” long enough to reach the door.

Most dogs are part of the family and spend time indoors with their beloved humans. They not only share our hearts, but many also share our beds and pillows. So dogs who mess in their bed (or YOUR bed, yuck!) create additional unsanitary issues. That disrupts the loving bond you share with your pet.

Sure, you can choose washable dog beds, and probably should. Check out 20 more dog bed options here. But dog diapers offer an easy, economical way to save relationships, reduce nasty bedding accidents, and prevent other stains around the house., via retailers

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