12 Flat-Faced Dog Breeds That Are Just So Precious


One of our favorite things to do with our pups is boop their noses. However, you might’ve noticed that some dogs have shorter snouts than others. From pugs and Pekingese to bulldogs and Boston terriers, these dogs fall into the brachycephalic breed category (brachycephalic translates to “short head” in Greek). So, what does that mean? Put simply, these are breeds with short muzzles that are often prone to a unique set of health issues.

The most common issue that flat-faced dogs experience is brachycephalic airway syndrome (BAS), which can lead to a range of respiratory problems. For example, BAS can make breathing difficult and cause snoring and a higher risk of heatstroke. Brachycephalic dogs are also at a higher risk for other health issues, such as corneal ulcers, ocular trauma, skin cancer, fungal skin disease, sleep apnea, and pneumonia. Some of these issues are caused by the dogs’ face shapes, while others are caused by the inbreeding that was required to give them flat faces.

Still, we can’t deny that these pups are majorly cute. Ahead, we’ve rounded up the sweetest dogs with flat faces that will win your heart. If you love exploring dog breeds by their most famous features, don’t miss our roundups of the cutest dogs with long noses, dogs with floppy ears, and dogs with beards.

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