9 Cute Ways to Include Your Dog for an Unforgettable Pregnancy Announcement


9 Cute Ways to Include Your Dog for an Unforgettable Pregnancy Announcement

From cute puns to sweeter photos, here’s how to get creative with including your pup as you enter a new chapter of life. lindsay tigar
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Ask any dog owner who their first baby was, and they'll be quick to say their four-legged best friend. After all, no matter if you raise your floof from puppyhood or adulthood, they quickly become an integral part of your family. So when you decide to add a little human to your home, it's only natural to include their big sister or big brother in the fun!

If you are expecting and thinking about how you'll share the happy news with your friends, family, and social media channels, here are nine super-cute (and easy!) ideas that include your fur baby, too.

1. Buy or Make a Sign With Your Due Date

Sure, you decided to expand your family because you want to become parents. But, also because your best friend needed a human buddy to grow up beside, right? Invest in a cute chalkboard sign that reveals your due date. Prop it up next to your pooch for a sweet photo op—just remember to reward them with several treats for staying put!

2. Bring Your Dog to Your Maternity Photo Shoot

Many expecting parents splurge on a maternity photo shoot to honor this special time in their life. The pregnant parent can show off their bump, their partner can look at them adoringly, and the doggo can wag their tail for the camera. In addition to bringing yummy treats to the photoshoot, your photographer can also grab the pup's attention with clever sounds.

Victoria McFall, the owner of Victoria Grace Photography in Asheville, N.C., says high-pitched noises—like mimicking a dolphin—get the pup to look at the camera, making for a framable shot. Psst: don't forget to get these printed via a website like Shutterfly or Paper Culture.

3. Let Your Pup Tell Your Family and Friends You’re Expecting

Once you know you're carrying a child, you are equal parts excited and nervous to share the news with the world. Before you go public on Instagram or Facebook, though, you probably want to reveal your pregnancy to your closest friends and family members. You can let your doggo in on the fun by involving them in the reveal. Maybe they carry over an ultrasound photo to surprise your nearest and dearest or wear a cute bandana flaunting their new status as big brother/big sister to the next family gathering.

4. Tie the Baby Announcement to a Holiday

Everyone announces their pregnancy at different stages. While many decide to wait until after the first trimester, others postpone until after the 20-week anatomy scan. If your intended baby announcement date is around a holiday, get creative with your photo. Whether you dress up as a family (dog included) for Halloween or Christmas or bring a little extra something special to any holidays you celebrate throughout the year, there are all sorts of ways to bring holiday cheer into the happy moment.

5. Promote Your Dog to Big Brother or Big Sister

Once the baby is here, your pup will take their role of big sister or big brother very seriously. They may cuddle with them, stand guard by their crib, or bring them toys so they can learn to fetch early. For your pregnancy announcement, let them show off their new title with a simple sign or onesie.

6. Have Your Dog Pose With Your Pregnancy Letterboard

Many pregnant parents track their pregnancy progress week-by-week with a letterboard. This illustrates how their belly grows and creates a thoughtful collection of photos to show the baby one day. Since your doggo loves posing with you (ahem, since they get treats), let them join you throughout this beautiful journey.

7. Show Off How Your Dog Is Studying for Baby’s Arrival

It's not just the parents-to-be that need to study up on the basics of newborn care; your doggo needs to be educated, too. Even if they can't read—yet, anyway—you can have a quirky photo of them in front of a baby book. Grab their attention by holding up their favorite treat and making lots of sounds, so they turn their head.

8. Go Simple With Baby Accessories

An adorable set of baby shoes posed near your pup's feet can be a fun yet oh-so-simple way to break the news to your friends and family. The best part? A close-up shot of just paws with baby shoes or toys will be a lot easier to compose than a full photoshoot with a backdrop, sign, and your dog's full attention to the camera!

9. Create a Sweet Family Moment

You can say a lot without saying anything at all—and photos like these are proof. Rather than a clever pun, a sign, or a onesie, a sweet family photo including your dog makes for a classic pregnancy announcement. After all, you're adding another member to the group, and that's the most exciting news of all.

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