15 Popular Dog Breeds with Gorgeous, Curly Hair


Curly-haired dogs are some of the most distinctive breeds out there. And despite a proliferation of poodles and Labradoodles in the world, true curly coats in dogs are not that common. To have curly hair, a puppy must inherit two mutations of the KRT71 gene—inheriting just one will result in wavy, not curly hair. So your curly-haired pup is a rare dog breed, indeed!

Many curly-haired breeds were developed either as water dogs, for helping fishermen or aiding in aquatic rescue, or as herders in cold, wet climates, such as that of the British Isles, according to the American Kennel Club. Those working dogs might not have spent much time at the groomer’s but today, most curly-haired dog breeds require a fair amount of maintenance in order for their coats to remain clean and healthy. Many curly-haired breeds are either non-shedders, hypoallergenic, or both for households where someone suffers from allergies.

Let’s take a look at some popular, quirky, and unusual breeds with lovely, curly locks. And remember, you don’t need to find a purebred pooch—there are plenty of curly-haired pups at local shelters. But if you have a specific breed in mind, be sure to check for breed-specific rescue groups in your area.

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