16 Long-Haired Dogs with Gorgeous Locks


Long-haired dog breeds

There are few things more adorable than a fluffy dog rocking a full head of glorious hair. Here, we’re showcasing 16 of the most popular breeds with ultra-long locks, including some with peculiar or curly-haired and corded manes, like the Bergamasco Sheepdog and the Komondor. Though many long-haired dog breeds require daily or weekly brushing, many shed infrequently or only seasonally.

Some of these long-haired dogs are rarer than others, but we guarantee each one of them will make you say “Aww!” Along the way, we’re outlining some important grooming, brushing, and breed-related healthcare tips from the American Kennel Club (AKC) so you know how to groom your dog should you ever own one of these fine pups.

Close-up of purebred yorkshire terrier walking on road,Hakadal,Norway
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16. Yorkshire terrier (Yorkie)

Another type of long-haired terrier, the Yorkshire terrier is an energetic and feisty pooch who’s always up for a good snuggle session. This small breed has an average weight of 7 pounds and requires routine professional grooming to keep its hair in good shape. Fortunately, they shed infrequently.

“Yorkies are great apartment dogs as well as good watchdogs,” says Dr. Robinson. “They can be stubborn without house training and can bark quite often, and they can also sometimes be snappy toward children. Yorkshire terriers also require a commitment to grooming. They usually live long lives and don’t have too many serious health issues.”


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