25 Fluffy Dog Breeds with Cloud-Like Coats


While all dogs are lovable, some people are drawn to certain “looks” in a dog. And if you’re one of those who “oohs” and “ahhs” over a fluffy, puffy dog with a billowy, cloud-like coat, you’re in luck! There are dozens of dog breeds that fit this description. Their fluffy appearances often give them the look of an adorable stuffed animal—some even look like teddy bears—and there’s nothing like running your hands through that soft, thick fur as you pet them. But if you’ve never owned a four-legged fluffball before, there are a few things you should know, according to the American Kennel Club.

  • Most fluffy dogs have undercoats—a second layer of fur that insulates them in cold weather and gives them their fluffy appearance. That fine, fuzzy fur is what most often gets shed…all over your couch or favorite sweater.
  • Most fluffy dogs are major shedders, especially when they “blow out” their undercoats in the spring and fall.
  • Fluffy dogs are a grooming commitment, as they require frequent brushing, or else their fur can get matted and tangled. You may want to consider regular, professional grooming. You’ll also need a good vacuum cleaner!
  • These fluffy pups were mostly bred for cold climates and snow, so they don’t do well in the heat. In warm weather, they shouldn’t be left outdoors for long periods of time or allowed to overheat when exercising. They need lots of water, an air-conditioned interior, and, ideally, a cool tile floor to lay on.
  • A few fluffy dog breeds don’t actually shed and are considered hypoallergenic breeds, which are recommended for people with allergies.

Before you shop for a new fluffy or curly-haired dog, remember to check your local shelter, where a lovable furball may be waiting for you to take him home. Another smart option: Try reaching out to breed-specific rescue groups in your area.

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