7 Hairless Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets



Not only will these hairless dog breeds keep your home free of tumbleweeds of fur and potentially help to alleviate symptoms in those allergic to dogs—most non-shedding breeds are also hypoallergenic dogs—but their unique looks evoke an exotic sense of prestige and rarity, as they stand out from some of the most popular dog breeds. These dogs with no hair, thanks in no small part to their attention-grabbing appearances, are some of the world’s rarest dogs, which also makes them some of the most expensive dogs if you can find them at all to purchase.

Note that though they are hairless and you won’t have to brush their coats, these dogs aren’t exactly maintenance-free. They still require regular bathing and TLC for their skin and nails.

1. Chinese crested

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Dog Breeds with Beautiful Blue Eyes

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Adorable Black and White Dog Breeds

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Cute Dogs with Floppy Ears

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