What My Dog Thought of the Dog Bed with Over 41,000 Amazon Reviews


Like a lot of Americans, 2020 was the year I got a puppy. A Yorkshire Terrier Maltese mix named Louie, to be exact. It was also the year I spent way too much money on a fancy dog bed he completely ignores.

After months of sharing my bed with him, while the fancy dog bed went unused, I researched best-selling dog beds on Amazon and came across the Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut dog bed. It has over 41,000 reviews and hundreds of happy pet parents sing its praises. I had to get one—especially since there are mixed opinions about whether dogs should be sleeping in your bed. Here’s what my dog thought.

Best Friends by Sheri Original Calming Donut dog bed review

Don’t get me wrong. I’m happy to (sometimes) share my bed with Louie. And he’s happy to chill out in his crate when I’m not home. But according to the dog experts at the American Kennel Club, dogs really should have their own bed. Louie is a tiny five pounds. Small breeds tend to have separation and anxiety issues—they’re called Velcro dogs for a reason—so having spaces of his own builds security. And keeps dirty paws off my pillows.

I chose Louie’s first (unused) bed based on size, style, and the soft velvet-like material. The bed is hand-made in Los Angeles so I waited a few weeks for it to arrive. Louie sniffed it, licked it, and pretty much ignored it for six weeks. He’d only go in there if I lured him in with treats and told him to “stay.” In the meantime, he napped on my bed—the overpriced dog bed mocking me from the floor. And yes, I tried putting the fancy dog bed on top of my bed but that didn’t work.

Another thing I noticed is that Louie usually sleeps curled up like a donut. The vet explained that the dog bagel sleeping position retains warmth—here’s more about what your pup’s sleep position will tell you. When I saw the circular shape of the Original Calming Donut dog bed, it made more sense than the rectangular shape of his ignored bed. I chose the calming bed because of the practical donut shape, that it’s machine washable and looks super soft. It was worth a shot.

What my dog thought of the Calming Donut dog bed

The Original Calming Donut dog bed arrived in shrink-wrapped plastic. A few minutes after I freed the bed, it fluffed up to its shape. The first thing I noticed was how large the bed is. There’s a weight and size chart on the Amazon order page, and Louie obviously fell in the small 23 x 23 size. I measured the bed and it’s really closer to 26 inches. Other dog owners have also recommended sizing down when choosing a dog bed size.

The taupe color is a nice neutral and has some darker flecks in the shag. There’s also a frost color which is off-white, but I worried that any stains and dirt would be too obvious. Other bold color choices include pink and chocolate. The shag itself is soft, and I mean soft. The raised border provides a sense of security and a place for Louie to rest his head. He can also burrow down into the bed, and hide his toys. (So that’s where he’s been hiding his rawhide!)

How did Louie like the bed? I lured him in with a treat, and he jumped right in, sniffed around, and jumped back out. I decided not to make a big deal of forcing the dog bed and placed it on my bed. Within an hour, he had found his way in and was sleeping like a dog. By the way, here’s why your dog likes to circle before lying down.

This afternoon, I glanced over my shoulder and found Louie curled up like a dog donut in his calming donut bed. Sound asleep, his tennis ball and plush lamb tucked in the corner.

Washing the Calming Donut dog bed

It didn’t take long before Louie got sick in his Calming Donut dog bed. Poor guy! But, it gave me a chance to test out how the bed holds up to washing. I spot cleaned the mess with a paper towel to pick up any chunks (sorry, gross) and then just tossed the entire dog bed in the washing machine with my regular laundry detergent on the cold cycle. The stains came right out, and I put the bed in the dryer on the low cycle. It completely dried in about 30 minutes. The shape stayed and the fluffiness was refreshed. Don’t let the dog bed air dry, it will mat the shag.

Original Calming Donut dog bed pros

  • The donut shape and raised border encourage burrowing and makes dogs feel safe.
  • Super soft filling is ideal for cuddling up on, and extra nice for dogs with arthritis and hip problems.
  • Airloft fibers don’t clump over time and provide extra support.
  • This dog bed is machine washable. The smallest size can go right in the wash, the larger sizes have removable, washable shells.
  • Faux shag fur holds warmth and is meant to mimic a mother’s coat. Aww!
  • Fits all breeds; the bed is available in four sizes from small to extra-large (up to 150 pounds).
  • Water and dirt-resistant bottom stop any messes from reaching your floors.
  • Filled with non-toxic pet-safe materials. No flame retardants or formaldehyde.
  • Ships from Los Angeles, and there’s a responsive customer service team on hand.
  • Prices range from $32 to $110—that’s an affordable price point for a premium pet bed (especially the smaller beds).
  • Cats like it too!

Original Calming Donut dog cons

  • It may not be supportive enough for giant breeds.
  • Must be dried in an electric or gas dryer; air drying will mat the shag.

Where to buy the Original Calming Donut dog bed

The Original Calming Donut dog bed is available on Amazon and direct from the retailer. On Amazon, it comes in four sizes: small, medium, large and extra-large. The bed is available in the neutral or bright colors.


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Best Original Calming Donut dog bed Amazon user reviews

My dog isn’t the only happy sleeper! Here are a few five-star Amazon reviews from obsessed verified buyers.

Christine Tutor: “My Goldendoodle has been through eight beds. All of them have been ruined by her chewing through them or making a mess on them. This bed is cozy and comfortable. She absolutely LOVES it! She made a mess on it a couple of weeks after we got it, but I washed it, and it came out just fine! I bought the large, but I almost wish I had bought the smaller one because the large is HUGE. I’m still very happy with my purchase. She has not chewed through it, as the zipper is well hidden. I’m so glad I finally found a good dog bed that is long-lasting!”

Rainforest: “Day one—Grizzy absolutely loves this bed. He is 15 years old and still active. I was hesitant about buying another bed at this stage, but I’m so glad I did. This bed is awesome, cozy, lightweight, washable, and best of all…a winner in the eyes of our precious senior boy. He actually gave lots of kisses of approval (clearly excited) and has fallen asleep in it (snoring!) twice already today. No regrets whatsoever. Update: A couple of weeks later, I’m still very happy with the purchase. Highly recommend!”

Jorge Roman: “My dog CARRIES her bed with her! This is her favorite thing and the only bed she will sleep in. Before this bed, she wouldn’t sleep in any bed, and since getting this she won’t go without it. Our first finally started getting rough after about 10-14 months of hard use. We got our second one and she was so happy. Cleans super easy. We kept the second for outside because she loves to take her bed out and sun in it.”

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