Awww! Take a Peek at 15 of the Most Adorable Pets in Weddings on Instagram


Awww! Take a Peek at 15 of the Most Adorable Pets in Weddings on Instagram

No matter how smashing the couples look (and they’re always fab!) of course we’re cooing over all the cute animals in weddings! Tracey L. Kelley headshot
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bride with her dog Credit: Lindsay J. C. Lack Photography

It's only natural to include a beloved pet (or two!) in your ceremony to make the union of your family truly complete. But what if you don't have pets of your own—is it permissible to use others' animals as 'something borrowed' for your big day? Absolutely! Pets in weddings pick up on the joy of the occasion and give it back tenfold.  

In a 2020 survey, nearly 40 percent of respondents said their nuptials featured pets. Current wedding trends indicate that as more people break from traditions to customize their weddings, animals make appearances in numerous ways. Outfit your favorite furball in adorable pet wedding attire? Yes! Put sweet farm critters in the photo booth? I will! Pose with rescue animals instead of bouquets to help them find a happily-ever-after? We do! 

Whatever fluffy, fuzzy, or feathered creature adds to your happiness, let your love for them shine! Here are some of our favorite animals in weddings.

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1. Azzy and Jason

It's such a cinematic moment to ride a horse with your darling across a sandy beach as the sun glistens off the water like a million stars. Azzy and Jason definitely bring the fantasy to life in a glorious way.

2. Caper and Olive

Rescue pups Caper and Olive pronounce their delight over "Mama and Papa" getting married (also known as Dennis Hour and Isabelle Du from The Amazing Race). Looks as though the furry ones held up their 'dogs of honor' duties well!

3. Kaydee and Zach

If "snugglebunny" is one of your many terms of endearment, then you totally understand why the endearing twosome Kaydee and Zach wanted a little extra fluffy bunny poof in their pomp.

4. Joshua and Mitch

Handsome couple Joshua and Mitch made sure their precious Purrsace, in her role as their ring bearer, was sparkling in her special gown and escorted down the aisle in an oh-so-cute decorated stroller.

5. Hannah and Mathew

Many couples make creative seating arrangements, but Hannah and Mathew designed a dog breed table plan to help guests find their places! Their celebration also featured pup Smudge as ring bearer and special appearances by these adorable alpacas. 

6. Alex and Jessica

This post series shows sweet mixed breed rescue pup Molly had essential duties during Alex and Jessica's festive affair, including offering her mom last-minute advice, walking grandmother down the aisle, and announcing the couple with ecstatic barks of joy after the "I dos"!

7. Phil E. Chinchilla

The charming chinchilla is a furry South American rodent. And while Phil E. has a rather packed social media schedule, he took some time out to be the "master of cuteness" in the wedding of his mommies, Erica and Michelle.

8. Dustin and Kat

Although dogs are often the most popular wedding attendants, Western couples like Dustin and Kat know real cowboys always include their tried and true horse companions in all important aspects of life!

9. Olive

Olive, a pig who tries to make the world a better place "one belly rub at a time," took center stage as ring bearer at the celebration of love shared by her pawrents, Miranda and Wesley, animal advocates and caretakers at Sage Mountain Sanctuary in Utah.

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10. Brittney and Michael

So as the story goes, Michael really wanted to have bird baby Toby in the wedding somehow, but it wasn't working out. Yet Brittney plotted with the best man to pretend he forgot the rings—when he went to "look" for them, he returned with Toby! Awww!

11. Nonu and Shonu

Like we said before, there's absolutely nothing wrong with dressing up pets in weddings. As you see in the photo series, Priyanka and her new husband made certain their lovable pups Nonu and Shonu were as resplendent as the rest of the bridal party.

12. Baby Goats!

Many boho lovebirds get hitched on farms, so naturally cuddly critters are available for photo ops. We don't know who the couple was, or their flower girls—or the goats, for that matter—but the talented photographer knew how to capture a terrific moment.

13. Antonio and Esteffany

It's easy to swoon over Antonio and Esteffany and their exceptionally exotic wedding guests! As you scroll through the post, Herbie the camel and Vinny the zebra obviously add more happiness to the couple's special day.

14. Mimi

Mimi confesses on his social pages that he's used to being the center of attention, including at the nuptials of his hoomans. He originally sported a cute tuxedo jacket for the occasion, but shrugged it off for official pics.

15. Dietmar and Nellie and Irene and Julius

These two couples—Dietmar and Nellie and Irene and Julius—each had simple ceremonies more than 50 years ago, so they agreed to a splendid renewal with an outstanding wedding photo shoot and a captivating flower dog! Truly an inspiration for all couples to focus on love, humor, and respect for a long-lasting relationship, with the belief that the best is yet to come.  

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