Which Dog Breed Would You Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign?


Which Dog Breed Would You Be Based on Your Zodiac Sign?

Are you more of an outgoing golden retriever or an independent Shiba Inu?
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Funny social media memes about your zodiac sign can actually teach you quite a bit about the language of the planets. It might ring all too true that as a Capricorn, you're admittedly a bit of a workaholic or your Aries sister is frequently proving herself to be a fiery debater at family dinners. 

It might sound like a lot to wrap your head around all 12 of the sun signs' complex personalities, but that's where lighthearted, real-world comparisons come into play. Whether you're a heartfelt water sign who's best represented by a gentle herding dog, or you're an extroverted fire sign who sees yourself in the pup who starred on your favorite TV sitcom, here's the dog breed that best represents your astro personality, based on your zodiac sign.

These Are the 12 Zodiac Signs as Dog Breeds: Which Pup Are You?

Find out which beloved type of dog best represents your astrological personality.

infographic showing which dog breed matches which zodiac sign
infographic showing which dog breed matches which zodiac sign Credit: Yeji Kim

Aries: German Shepherd

As the first sign of the zodiac and an initiative-taking, assertive fire sign, your personality is mirrored by the German shepherd. Ruled by Mars, the God of War, Aries are real go-getters, much like this mission-oriented breed, who often assists in the military and is known for being super active.

Taurus: Basset Hound

As a laid back, comfort-loving earth sign who is rarely in a rush and prefers to lay low, you might see yourself in the basset hound. Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of pleasure, and is known for being a big fan of taking it easy, just like this nap-loving canine equivalent.

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Gemini: Russell Terrier

If you were born under this sociable, chatty air sign, you're often buzzing from one thing to the next. Supercommunicator Geminis, ruled by messenger Mercury, are like animated little sprites. That's why you might very well see yourself in the curious, trick-loving Russell terrier who are known for being very vocal and intelligent.

Cancer: Collie

As a sentimental, caregiving water sign who can tap into other people's emotions and have an aptitude for offering warm, loving support at every turn, you could see yourself in the collie. Cancers, whose ruler is the maternal moon, are intuitive, compassionate, and nurturing just like the breed made famous by Lassie.

Leo: Golden Retriever

Gleaming, spotlight-loving Leos, ruled by the sun, can't help but be confident, loyal stars of the show. That said, if you weren't a lion, like your zodiac sign's symbol, you'd likely be a golden retriever, often cast as the family dog in films and TV shows (remember Full House's Comet?).

Virgo: Miniature Poodle

If you were born under this service-oriented, sensitive earth sign, you could see yourself in the whip-smart, people-oriented mini poodle. Ruled by messenger Mercury, Virgos are super-intelligent and communicative much like this eager-to-please, elegant breed.

Libra: Havanese

As a personable, social butterfly air sign, whose ruler is beauty-loving Venus, your canine equivalent is unequivocally the Havanese. Libras are known for being charming, peace-loving, and appreciate any opportunity to entertain others, much like this pretty, affectionate toy breed.

Scorpio: Basenji

If you were born under this dynamic, mysterious, razor-focused water sign, it wouldn't be tough for you to see yourself in independent, unique, and inquisitive Basenjis. Co-ruled by bold Mars and powerful Pluto, Scorpios are resolute, reserved, and magnetic much like these willful and "barkless" pups.

Sagittarius: Siberian Husky

As a boisterous, jovial fire sign, whose ruler is expansive, fortunate Jupiter, you could see your spiritedness in the much-loved Siberian husky. Sagittarius is all about adventure and entertainment just like expressive, charismatic huskies.

Capricorn: Bernese Mountain Dog

If you were born under the pragmatic, driven earth sign, ruled by serious taskmaster Saturn, your canine equivalent is undoubtedly the Bernese mountain dog. Capricorns are known for being industrious and devoted, just like these diligent, loyal canines.

Aquarius: Shiba Inu

As a progressive, future-minded, independent air sign, ruled by game-changing, rebellious Uranus, you might find the Shiba Inu speaks to you. Aquarians are super-smart and march to the beat of their own drum much like Shibas. 

Pisces: Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

If you were born under the creative, artistic water sign, ruled by spiritual, magical Neptune, you could feel connected to the Cavalier King Charles spaniel. Pisces are sensitive and slightly psychic empaths who just want to soak up all the love like this loyal, incredibly sweet breed.

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