Heartbreaking TikTok Shows Cat Mourning Loss of Her Kitten By Cuddling With Stuffed Toy


Heartbreaking TikTok Shows Cat Mourning Loss of Her Kitten By Cuddling With Stuffed Toy

This cat owner went to great lengths to console her feline friend: making a stuffed toy for her cat to cuddle after the death of her kitten. Emily Schroeder Daily Paws Writer Photo
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There's something about a mother's love, it knows no end. Even our four-legged friends experience this remarkable maternal instinct. No matter who you are, there's no denying a mother's bond to her offspring. This is especially clear when it comes to mourning the loss of life in the animal kingdom.

In fact, there's a growing body of evidence that supports the idea that nonhuman animals are "aware of death" and can "experience grief," even showing signs of mourning. 

tabby cat sleeping with paw over eyes
tabby cat sleeping with paw over eyes Credit: katyamaximenko / Getty

Supporting this belief (with anecdotal evidence) is this trending TikTok video of a pet owner trying to console her grieving cat. In the touching video, user isabel.gracez says that her cat recently experienced the sad loss of her kitten. "She would stay up all night crying and looking for her baby, so I decided to make a pretend baby for her." 

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The video continues with her making a small stuffed kitten for her cat. She says, "I didn't think she would care about it but…" 

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The next several scenes in the video are images of the cat holding on tightly to the stuffed kitten in her arms, while an acoustic version of the song "Build Me Up Buttercup" plays in the background. Isabel.gracez captions the video, "I truly would do anything for her. I didn't expect for this to go so well." 

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The touching video has resonated with a wide audience since it was originally shared. People have watched it more than 13 million times, garnering close to 4 million likes. Comments include condolences and words of encouragement for supporters of the sad feline.

The sheer thought of her loss melts our human hearts (seriously, I'm not crying, you're crying!), making us all want to give this kitty a shoulder to cry on!

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