From Veterinarian to Pet Solution Specialist: How Two Cats Inspired a Feline Vet


Written by Dr. Lynn Bahr, Founder of Dezi and Roo

Unexpected Beginnings

Surprisingly, unlike most in my profession, I did not grow up knowing I would become a veterinarian. It was a cat who got me interested in the practice and I am forever grateful to him. I met Rudolph on July 4th, 1980 and my life was changed forever. He was a unique kitty with an adorable pink nose—it was pale when he slept and then bright red after play. It was my love for Rudolph that inspired me to join the feline veterinary profession. Helping cats and their owners is how I honor his memory.

I know that I am not alone; many people have pets that enter their lives and make a profound impact. The bond that humans share with other creatures is magical and magnificent—I personally find it incredible. That is what I love about veterinary medicine: I get to know people and the pets that are so important to them.

My Life as a Veterinarian

In the past 25 years of my career, the lifestyle of cats has changed dramatically. In the beginning years of my practice, most cats resided primarily outdoors. This was good in terms of exercise, sunshine, and enrichment, but unfortunately I saw and treated many cases of infectious diseases, wounds and trauma. These days many cats live strictly indoors. This is good for keeping cats safe, and preventing many communicable diseases, but instead I now treat them for a myriad of behavioral and inflammatory conditions such as depression, cystitis, diabetes, and obesity – all conditions that can be attributed, at least to some extent, to their change in lifestyle.

As the lifestyle of cats has changed, the way I educate my clients has evolved as well. In addition to finding medical solutions, I also encourage owners to enrich their home environments so that their cats can live long, happy, and healthy lives. I always recommend that cats get exercise, fresh air, healthy food, lots of play, and sunshine. The key is to keep indoor cats stimulated both mentally and physically by bringing the outdoors inside!

A Dream Built from Experience and Passion

As the proud guardian to two adored felines, Dezi and Roo, I know firsthand the plight of an indoor-only cat. Life within four walls can be devoid of stimulation, enrichment and enjoyment. It takes effort to keep things from getting stagnant. There is a common misconception that cats are low-maintenance pets. Nothing could be further from the truth. Today’s feline requires more than food and shelter– they depend on humans for so much more.


Once again, cats changed my life– these two cats recently inspired me to start a solution-based pet product company named Dezi & Roo (what else could I call it?). I combined my passion for strengthening the human-animal bond with my knowledge of what animals need and want, and started Dezi & Roo. The company gives me an opportunity to help cats in a completely different way than I can in the exam room. My goal is to provide pet guardians with products that help solve common household problems. It is a way for me to personally manufacture and recommend products that help to make pets lives happier and healthier.


Since we donate a portion of every sale to animal-related charities, I am also grateful to have the opportunity to raise money for less fortunate animals. My heart swells with every check I am able to write on behalf of Dezi & Roo. I love that I am able to support organizations that are helping to save animals.

Witnessing the profound impact animals have on peoples’ lives is the force that drives me in everything I do. I am excited to see where the future takes me—and how many people pets I can help both through my veterinary practice and my company, Dezi & Roo.

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