September is Happy Cat Month


Here at The Conscious Cat, every month is Happy Cat Month. After all, that’s what we’re all about: conscious living, health and happiness for cats and their humans. However, the message of what it takes to keep cats truly happy can’t be shared enough, which is why the CATalyst Council created Happy Cat Month.

Happy Cat Month was created to improve the lives of cats by focusing on happiness. There’s no question that healthy cats are happier cats, and one of the things this initiative aims to do is highlight the importance of regular veterinary care for cats. However, Happy Cat Month goes beyond physical health and wants to ensure that each cat has a happy, joyful, fulfilling life.

Happy Cat Month focuses on four major categories:

  • health: regular veterinary care
  • enrichment: providing an environment that lets cats be cats and provides stimulation and entertainment
  • safety: keep cats safe by keeping them indoors or by providing a safe outdoor experience and make sure they have some form of ID via a collar and/or microchip
  • value: appreciate cats for the amazing companions they are and for the many ways they enrich our lives

For more information about Happy Healthy Cat Month, please visit the CATalyst Council.

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