This Penguin Species Could Disappear By the End of the Century


Emperor penguins (scientific name Aptenodytes Forsteri) are the largest of the 19 penguin species. “The Emperor penguin is certainly the most iconic of the penguin species,” says Dyan deNapoli (aka The Penguin Lady), penguin expert and author of The Great Penguin Rescue. “It is the most visually impressive of the penguin species, and is very well-known by millions of people, who fell in love with the species after seeing the award-winning documentary, March of the Penguins.”  Emperor penguins are also arguably the hardiest penguin species: they live on the coldest, driest, and windiest place on the planet and breed during the harsh Antarctic winter, when the temperatures can drop to –100 degrees F and the winds can blow 100 mph. Read up on more animal facts you probably didn’t know before.


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