List of Household Plants Cats Can Play With


Cats have a lot of strange behaviors. They love playing with anything around the house, and plants happen to get the most attention. If you grow plants indoors, you might not be aware that some of these can be toxic to your cat if eaten. Most homes probably have if not one, then several of these plants laying around. Keep reading to double-check whether your house decor is safe for your cat can play with, and get familiar with the ones to keep away from pets.

List of Houseplants Safe for Cats

You might not love having your cat play and eat your plants, but sooner or later, it’s bound to happen. Thankfully these plants are non-toxic to your cat and can be found at most garden centers:

  • Spider plant: This plant can grow well in low-light conditions which makes them super easy to care for. As an added bonus, they can help clean the air in your home too.
  • Palms: This plant can grow in almost any room of your home. They need very little light and they are perfectly safe for cats. However be sure to avoid the Sago Palms, though Palm is in the name they are very toxic to pets. Stick to the more common palms, such as Areca, bamboo, parlor, and ponytail palms.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is perfect for any cat household. They are very low maintenance needing little to no light and very little water.
  • African violet: African violets are incredibly easy to grow and are a beautiful cat-safe flower. Keep them in a warm area of your home with plenty of light and this flower will bloom all year long.
  • Boston Fern: This popular houseplant may not be as low-maintenance as the others on this list, but it’s incredibly safe for any and all cats—not to mention a beautiful decoration as well.
  • Burros tail succulent: Cats love playing with the little pieces that break off of this succulent. Though this specific succulent is safe for cats, be sure to check on other succulents before introducing them to your cat.
  • Cast iron plant: The cast iron plant is one of the toughest household plants out there. This makes them perfect for cats to play with: both durable and non-toxic.
  • Bromeliads: This low maintenance flower is beautiful and cat-safe. They can also be found almost anywhere, no matter the season.
  • Christmas cactus: This indoor plant blooms during the winter and is safe for cats. It’s a perfect houseplant all year round for pet owners.
  • Haworthia succulents: This type of succulent is also safe for cats and can survive long periods without water and even longer during the winter.
  • Peperomia: This low maintenance plant is perfect to add a little decoration to your home without worrying if it’s harmful to your cat.
  • Phalaenopsis orchids: This beautiful flower is popular for garnishing and decorating popular dishes. Not only are they safe for people to eat, they’re safe for your cat to eat too.
  • Prayer plant: The name for this plant comes from how it’s leaves look when they close at night. This beautiful plant even grows little flowers and all of it is perfectly safe for your cat.
  • Swedish Ivy: This cat-friendly plant doesn’t need direct sunlight and very little watering especially during winter.
  • Lipstick plant: If you live in a cold climate, this beautiful plant is perfect for you and your cat.¹

Houseplants that are poisonous to cats

Though there are a ton of plants that are safe for your cat, there are also several that are toxic. This isn’t a complete list, so be sure to research any plants you are unsure of. The plants listed below contain specific chemicals that can be harmful to your cat if ingested. Make sure you avoid bringing these plants home for risk of your cat finding them and playing with them.

  • Asparagus fern
  • Corn plant
  • Dieffenbachia
  • Elephant ear
  • Lillies
  • Cyclamen
  • Heartleaf
  • Philodendron
  • Jade plant
  • Aloe plant
  • Satin pothos²

Cats love playing with random things around the house. And if your home is filled with plants, you know they go for those first. With this list, you’ll now know which plants are toxic and what plants are safe for your cat to play with. To keep your cat from eating your plants, make sure to give them a well balanced meal, such as AvoDerm Natural® Wild By Nature Salmon Entree, to avoid any nutrient deficiencies.

AvoDerm Natural® is a registered trademark of Central Garden & Pet Company.


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