What to Feed a Dog with an Upset Stomach


Meal time is the best time of day for your pet best friend, so it might be alarming to discover that your dog has an upset stomach. Here are a few things to have ready at home when your dog is feeling unwell.


When your dog shows signs of an upset stomach, you might find that your best resource lies on your front lawn. Don’t be alarmed if your pet instinctively chews on grass when sick, as it may help them purge whatever is giving them tummy trouble. Contact a veterinarian if this pattern persists for more than two trips to the backyard.

Bone broth

Bone broth is a great homemade remedy for when your furry friend has an upset stomach, or if you anticipate changing your dog’s diet. It can take more than a day to sufficiently simmer a bone and release all of its minerals, so it may be helpful to have some on hand. Easily begin to prepare bone broth for your dog by setting bones aside after your next holiday feast or hearty family meal.

Chicken and rice

If you are wondering what solid foods to feed your dog with an upset stomach, bland foods like chicken and rice are a good place to start. Unseasoned chicken is easily digestible for your pet, while making sure that he gets the nutrients he needs.

Unsweetened yogurt

A tablespoon of unsweetened yogurt can help your dog replace healthy bacteria in their stomach. If served daily, plain yogurt can even support your dog’s digestive system.

Ice cubes

It’s important to keep your dog hydrated when experiencing symptoms of an upset stomach. However, your pet may feel more discomfort or nausea after drinking water too quickly. Substitute his or her usual water bowl with a handful of ice cubes every 2 to 3 hours. If you have bone broth on hand, you can freeze small portions of it to keep your dog hydrated, fed, and happy the next time he or she experiences an upset stomach.

Sweet potato

We use sweet potatoes in our Revolving Menu® formula for their beloved taste and high nutritional value. Sweet potatoes are a great source of fiber and potassium, which help people and pets regulate digestion. Sweet potatoes are also a rich and delicious source of vitamins A, B6, and C.


It should be no cause for concern if your dog refuses food on an upset stomach. Fasting your pet for 12-24 hours may help maintain their digestive function without any lasting trouble. Contact a veterinarian if your dog continues to refuse food and/or water for more than 48 hours.

Nip digestive difficulties in the bud by making sure your dog has the right balance of fiber, vitamins, and other nutrients. With an AvoDerm® diet of food and formula, your pup will look and feel his or her best while enjoying delicious and nutritious tastes at every meal.

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