18 Famous Dogs and Cats to Follow on Instagram This Year


There’s no trade secret to raising an Instagram-worthy dog or cat. Any pet can have a picture-perfect coat of fur if you introduce the right nutrients in their diet. Each AvoDerm Natural (r) pet food product contains avocado meal and oil, serving a rich balance of Omega 3s, Omega 6s, and vitamins A, C, and E. Getting the right amounts of these nutrients can help your dog or cat’s coat of fur be strong and shiny, worthy of a loyal Instagram following—even if it’s just you at first!

Here are our picks for famous dogs and cats to follow on Instagram in 2018.

10 Famous Instagram Dogs to Watch in 2018


1 and 2. Lotus and Quill (@lotusandquill)

If you and your pup enjoy the outdoors, you’ll find friendly companions in this adventurous pair of Instagram dogs. This account functions as a headshot gallery and a tribute to West Coast wilderness all in one.


3. Gotham (@gothaminthecity)

For city adventuring, look no further than this fluffy and adorable New York resident. A scroll of Gotham’s feed will reveal a whole host of city shots, as well as the healthy coat of Keeshond fur at every stop.


4 and 5. Cornelius and Melon (@odd.dogsquad)

Cornelius—could there be a better name for a tall and elegant Greyhound? Hailing from Alberta, Canada, this pair of famous Instagram dogs show off unique winter fashion and a healthy dose of the outdoors.


6. Sugar the Pitbull (@sugar_thepitbullpup)

Pitbulls traditionally get a bad rap, but try saying that to this warm and playful face. Over her left eye, Sugar has an adorable spot of black fur that makes her look like the stuff of childhood dreams.


7. Jedi the Miniature Schnauzer (@jedischnauzer)

Jedi is the perfect name for this classic and cultured Instagram dog. The healthy beard of fur surrounds his face with wisdom beyond his years.


8. Pepper the Pug (@pepper.pug)

Pugs are the go-to choice for a loving and innocent face to come home to. With recent additions to her adorable family, Pepper the Pug is sure to pop on Instagram in 2018.


9. Franzi the Chinese Crested Powderpuff (@franzi_the_powderpuff)

With breathtaking shots from Nuremberg, Bavaria, this Instagram account is for dog lovers and nature buffs. Unlike her naked Chinese Crested counterparts, Franzi has an impressive coat of well-maintained fur to keep her safe from the elements.


10. Chloe (@desertgsd)

A pioneer in canine bandana fashion, this German Shepherd is known for playful water shots in a desert climate. Wet or dry, Chloe’s majestic coat of fur speaks to a good use of a revolving diet with balanced nutrients.


8 Cats of Instagram to Follow in 2018

1. Bear (

This Instagram cat deserves to be the mascot of Mondays. As a Himalayan cat, Bear has a fine-textured coat of long hair that stands out in closeups.


2. Simba (@bigboy_simba)

Another contender for the throne over Monday moods. Simba the Burmese cat has a healthy coat of brown fur that shines beautifully in daylight shots from Perth, WA.


3. Oscar (@lifeofblueoscar)

For the latest looks in bandanas and bow ties, you and your cat should follow this blue British short hair on Instagram. Oscar’s luscious mane of healthy fur can be fully appreciated in a feed of understated and quirky head shots.


4. Lionel (@a_cat_named_lionel)

Recently adopted by his owners last November, Lionel is a beautiful example of how a loving home and good coat care can transform the life of a pet. Follow this Instagram account for adorable costumes and close ups for each day of the week.


5 and 6. Tom & Bella (@two.catdolls)

This beautiful pair of Ragdoll cat siblings create distinct personalities with every post. Two healthy coats of mostly white fur make the striking blue eyes of this breed particularly memorable.


7. Jet (

Even in black and white photos, you can appreciate the detail of the healthy fur coat on this chap. With cozy shots from a home in South Carolina, Jet’s Instagram captures the day-to-day perks of pet care in a playful manner.


8. Sky Cattery (@sky.cattery)

If you’re looking for that final push to add a kitten to your family, look no further. This family of shaded British short hairs has a new contender for cutest kitten with each post. Their Instagram account is used to connect cats with new owners across the globe.

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