This Is What the Tyrannosaurus Rex Really Looked Like


baby t rex hatching
Courtesy AMNH/R. Peterson/© AMNH

Before it grew up into the biggest Tyrannosaurus, the baby T.rex was actually adorable. Norell says baby dinosaur bones are fragile, making them rare, but in the past 20 years, more young dinosaurs’ fossils have been found. Those, combined with looking at animals related to the T.rex, have helped paint a picture of a fluffy hatchling.

Scientists believe the T.rex also guarded their nests and babies just like their bird counterparts. The baby T.rex would have eaten insects and small reptiles and had long tails. They also had long arms, leading scientists to believe the arms of the adults grew more slowly than the rest of the body, leading to the short arms we commonly associate with the T.rex. If you want to bust more T.rex myths, find out what the T.rex really sounded like.

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