These Funny Dog Videos Are the Break You Need Right Now


Jenn C/ShutterstockCoffee break? How about a “pawfee” break?

We’re not saying we don’t appreciate our coffee breaks. In fact, we wholeheartedly endorse them because coffee is not only super-good for your health, it’s also super-good for your brain. We’re just saying we think that breaking for funny dog videos should be a part of everyone’s day. When we asked around, we found we’re not alone in this sentiment. In fact, this Japanese Business-dog took time out of his busy day to give us a sense of how ruff life can be when you don’t take time out for a bit of fun:

No matter how busy you are, take time out to figure out which celebrity you look like

When you’re a working dog, it’s critical to your work-life balance that you keep things in pawspective. One way of doing that is by going on social media and taking those quizzes—you know, like “What does your favorite color say about your personality?” or “Which celebrity do you look like?” Well, when it comes to celebrity look-alikes, we’ve done the work for you with this compilation of celebrities and the dogs from whom said celebrities were clearly separated at birth. (Here’s how to keep your dogs busy while you’re doing the important work at the office.)

Got pranked by your colleagues? Laugh it off.

This poor guy was walking around all day long with a bug on his head. Rumor has it that one of his coworkers was behind concocting the plan, but this didn’t let it get him down. He just went about his business, smiling—and smiling—like there was nothing humiliating happening at all. We think he had the last laugh. Here are some weird facts about laughter you probably didn’t know. 

When your work gets trashed, get mad, but then get busy

It doesn’t happen a lot (we hope), but once in a while, right when you’re about to save that presentation you’ve been working on all day, your computer freezes up. You suspect that it’s not going to turn out well, but you still have hope… until, well, until you’re like this guy, below, and you have to accept that your work is gone, baby, gone. When you finally accept that your work amounted to mere castles in the sand, so to speak, it’s alright to express your exasperation. But then you gotta get right back to work. And if you’re finding it hard to stay calm, here are the secrets of people who somehow never seem to get frazzled.

Look, we know it happens. You forget to hand in that report before you leave on Friday, and you spend most of the weekend justifying it to yourself. “No one’s gonna read it over the weekend,” you assure yourself. “No one’s gonna care if I just hand it in on Monday morning.” Then you come in Monday morning, and your boss is all, “Who’s responsible for this?” And your colleagues don’t say anything, but every one of them turns to look at you, as if Mr. Boss Man can’t read their body language. Well, that’s exactly what happened when Maggie-the-Dog made a mess. Good work, Maggie-the-Dog. You handled it like a boss. Speaking of bosses, here’s how to be a good one.

Know the power of a positive attitude

No matter how ruff things get at the office, don’t bring that stuff home with you. For a perfect work-life balance, be sure to maintain a positive attitude, both at work and at home. In fact, you could learn a lot from this guy, who smiles on command:

Never ever be afraid to fail

We can’t emphasize enough how important it is to your career success to just power through any self-doubt and just try, try, and try some more. Dogs can teach us a lot about this—especially these guys, who are failing miserably and making everyone around them super-happy anyway. (Here’s some unbelievable facts you never knew about dogs.)

When you do fail, own it like a boss

You know those funny dog videos where the doggies did something really bad and their owners make them wear signs that say exactly what they did? You know, like the one below. Well, we think there’s a lot to be said about owning your failures. That said, we can tell you, you’re probably failing at using at least some words wrong, some of the time, but no worries, we can help you sound smarter at work if you learn to use these 70 words and phrases correctly.

Respect the employee fridge

We’ve been trying to tell you this for a while now, that you shouldn’t be an annoying coworker. But we still find your expired yogurt in the fridge. We still find ourselves repelled by the sight and smell of your half-eaten tuna-sandwich sitting soggy on a plate in the kitchenette’s sink. And we still wonder who ate the last slice of pizza that we left in the fridge with the sign, “Don’t eat this. It belongs to ME.” Well, if you’re gonna insist on being one of those annoying coworkers, at least learn from the best. Here is the dog who wrote the book on stealth stealing of fridge food. (Ever wonder why dogs freak out in thunderstorms? Welp, we’ve got the poop.) These funny dog pictures will also give you a good laugh.

Always follow-through on date-night

Our final piece of advice on balancing work and life has more to do with life than with work, but that’s as it should be. You don’t live to work, but rather working to live right? And, in the immortal words of 1980s band, Loverboy, “everybody’s working for the weekend.” Ah, the weekend. That’s when you should be focusing your attention on your significant other. In other words, make a date night, and stick to it. Show your best friend and life partner a good time, just like these two are having. (Dogs can teach us a lot about love and other superpowers.)

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