5 Cats That Don’t Shed


If you love cats but need a little less fur in your home, then you might be looking into adopting a low-shedding or non-shedding breed of cat. This means you’ll want to avoid longer-haired breeds, but did you know there are specific types of cats that don’t shed much at all? Some of the more popular low- or non-shedding breeds include hairless cats like Sphynxes and Donskoys, and cats with minimal shedding such as certain Rex cats, Bombays, and Bengals.

1. Sphynx Cats and Their Crossbreeds

Your best bet for finding a cat that doesn’t shed is adopting a hairless cat. The most popular and well known of the hairless cat breeds is the Sphynx. This cat is so popular that many other hairless breeds are actually crossbreeds of the Sphynx.1

The Sphynx has a soft down that feels like suede instead of fur, which means technically the cat isn’t hairless.2 These cats don’t shed, but they do need baths because they don’t have fur to absorb their body oils. They also need extra cuddles (and sometimes even kitty sweaters) when it’s cold. They’re smart and curious.

Here are the other hairless breeds that are actually Sphynx crossbreeds:

  • The Bambino is a Sphynx crossbred with a Munchkin, resulting in shorter legs.
  • The Peterbald is a mix of a Sphynx and an Oriental Shorthair. This cat is affectionate and vocal.
  • The Elf is a mix between a Sphynx and an American Curl, which results in a hairless cat with ears that are curled up.
  • The Dwelf is a mix between an Elf and a Munchkin. Dwelf and Elf cats tend to be outgoing, playful, and may have small patches of fur.

2. Donskoy Cats and Their Crossbreeds

The Donskoy (or Russian Hairless) is a smart, friendly hairless cat that may grow a slight coat in the winter. Some of these cats have spots of fur mixed with lots of bald spots. Others look more like a muscular Sphynx. Be prepared to snuggle with this sweet cat.

The adorable Ukrainian Levkoy is a cross between a Donskoy and a Scottish Fold. This is a hairless cat with adorable folded ears.

3. Cornish Rex and Devon Rex

There are two Rex cat breeds known for low shedding. Both the Cornish Rex and the Devon Rex have curly, short hair that’s extra thin. This means they shed very little fur.The Cornish Rex only has an undercoat, while the Devon Rex only has an overcoat.Both cats’ coats are so fine that they can actually become bald. Their skin may need moisturizing and they’ll need baths, but you won’t see as much fur around the house. They’re both known to be friendly breeds.

4. Bombay Cats

Bombay cats have a thick, dark black coat, and they tend to shed less than other breeds.You can brush their coat weekly to keep shedding down. These friendly cats tend to act a lot like dogs.

5. Bengal Cats

Many Bengal owners swear that these cats practically don’t shed at all.6 They may shed a little when it gets warm outside, but they’re known for shedding a lot less than other domestic cats. Bengals are very active, so be ready to play with them frequently.

How To Help Any Cat Shed Less

Although you can find cats that barely shed any fur, it’s important to note that most cats — even hairless cats — will still shed dander, so they may cause allergies in some people.

Remember: Just because these cats may shed less, this doesn’t mean they don’t shed at all. As a cat owner, you can take steps to help cut down on how much fur your cat loses no matter what type of coat she has. This includes brushing your cat regularly.7

Other Tips for Your New Cat

Once you bring home your new cat, you’ll only want the best for him. A nutritious, diet is always a good idea. Try grain-free, omega-rich canned and dry foods designed specifically to support your cat’s coat and skin. And don’t forget to play with your cat a lot, focusing on toys like feather wands that he can hunt and chase.

If you want a cat that doesn’t shed at all, consider the hairless breeds. If you’re OK with just a little shedding, then Bengals, Bombays, and Rex cats are all excellent choices.

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