How to Show Your Pet Some Love This Valentine’s Day


Love is in the air, grocery store shelves are stocked with pink and red, and couples are scrambling for floral arrangements and dinner reservations. Valentine’s Day is here.

Whether you’re in a relationship, don’t forget about your true significant others this Valentine’s Day—your pets! Let’s face it, you probably spend more time with your pet than your partner anyway, their love is unconditional, and they’d never leave dirty dishes in the sink or ghost you on a dating app. Pets are the best company, and it’s time we show them the love they deserve.

Here are some ways to make Valentine’s Day special for the real love of your life.

Host a Party

Throw a Valentine’s Day soiree with your friends and their dogs. What better way to show your love for your pet than with friends who also have pets they love?

Don’t be afraid to go all out with decorations. Create a designated photo backdrop. Give toys and treats for party favors. There are tons of possibilities.

Before scheduling a playdate, talk to your friends to make sure their dogs like other dogs and are well-socialized. If your pets haven’t played together before, maybe introduce them in a neutral setting first before exposing them to one another’s territory. Some dogs can become possessive of food or toys, so remove triggers from the play area to avoid potential fights.

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Make or Buy Pet-Safe Treats

For humans, Valentine’s Day is all about the chocolate and wine, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your pets out! Spoil your pets by making or buying special treats. As always, make sure the treats are safe for pets, and if you’re making them, free of any toxic ingredients. Contact your vet if you are not sure about something.

A quick Pinterest search turns up several creative and festive recipes for homemade frozen snacks, baked “conversation hearts” and more.

If you’re looking to buy a special new treat, check out The Spruce’s ranking of the top 8 healthy dog treats of 2022.

Do Some of Your Favorite Activities Together

Your pet might not know that it’s a holiday, but you can make sure they have an extra-special day by doing some of your favorite activities together, such as visiting a park or playing fetch.

If your dog prefers a long hike over the usual stroll around the block, make a day of it and take them on an adventure. If you’re in a relationship, this can be a fun outdoorsy Valentine’s activity for your partner as well. If you’re not, the outdoors make a great escape from your nauseating social media feed.

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Get Them a Special New Toy to Show Your Appreciation

Another way to show your pet some love is with a new toy. A lot of pet stores sell holiday-themed toys. You could also get your pet a festive new bandana, bowtie or T-shirt. What’s cuter than a puppy covered in hearts? Not much.

Write a Love Poem About Your Pet

If you’re feeling romantic and need an outlet for all your lovey thoughts and feelings, write a love poem about your pet. If you need some inspiration…

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
I feed you dinner,
And I scoop your poo.
Your breath kinda stinks,
But you’re all mine,
So I’ll take all your sloppy kisses,
My sweet Valentine.

Slap that Shakespearean gold under an Instagram photo of your adorable dog or cat wearing its new Valentine’s bandana and chomping on its new treats.

Or maybe you can post a shot of your bunny enjoying a carrot cut into the shape of a heart. The opportunities to spoil your pets today are truly endless. Happy Valentine’s Day to them.

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