The 20 Best Dog Instagrams to Follow


Cats may be the unofficial mascots of the interwebs, but everyone’s best doggie friends are starting to stake their claim in internet fame, too. After Jiffpom became an internet sensation (and probably one of your very first pup “likes”), pooches all over the globe also began to launch their own personal Instagrams (. . . er, their humans did because of that whole lack of an opposable thumb!). We’re embracing our internet pet obsession because we can’t get enough of their adorable, hilarious, and weird internet antics.

So, ready to bulk up your “following” list on Instagram? Check out the 20 of the best dog Instagrams that you should be following for your daily dose of adorable.

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    Doug the Pug

    Doug the Pug
    @dougthepug / Instagram

    While most doggos can say they’re pals with the mailman, the kid next door, and that person walking down the sidewalk, this famous pug’s crew includes John Legend and Justin Bieber. Oh, and he’s also appeared in a Fall Out Boy video alongside Demi Lovato and was the subject of a TIME magazine feature. Needless to say, Doug the Pug, a pug from Nashville, Tennessee, has reached celebrity status.

    If Doug the Pug could talk, he’d probably also brag about his impressive social media following–with 3.8 million followers on Instagram alone–and multiple (yes, multiple) appearances in major music videos, daily talk shows, award shows, and more.

    Follow Doug the Pug on Instagram

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    Tuna Melts My Heart

    @tunameltsmyheart / Instagram

    Perhaps one of the first puppers to achieve true internet fame, Tuna, a Chiweenie (that’s a mix between a Chihuahua and dachshund) from California, has amassed a whopping 2 million followers since he hit the scene a few years back. Why? Just check out his adorably endearing overbite and penchant for dressing up for special occasions and you’ll understand.

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    Maya the Samoyed

    @mayapolarbear / Instagram

    Did you know the name Maya actually translates to “FLUFF?” OK, it doesn’t really, but dang this doggy is the definition of fluffy!

    Maya, a Samoyed with 1.9 million Instagram followers, loves to frolic in water fountains, nom on humans’ snacks, and balance dog treats on her head like a pro. Did we mention she’s also really, ridiculously fluffy? And guess what? There are more adventures to watch now that Maya has a new little brother, Michi, a small German spitz rescue and just as precious as his sister.

    Follow Maya on Instagram

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    Aspen the Mountain Pup

    @aspenthemountainpup / Instagram

    We can’t believe we’re saying this, but we’re jealous of a dog’s vacations–and we’re pretty sure his 260,000+ followers feel the same way! Aspen, a Colorado-based golden retriever with the most soulful eyes, shares photos from some pretty gorgeous locales, like snow-capped mountains, pristine beaches, and wide-open fields. His adventures in nature just might inspire you to get out there and go on your own!

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    Pavlov the Corgi

    @pavlovthecorgi / Instagram

    There are a few things, like cats, pizza, and corgis that make up the very being of the internet. And Pavlov, a Pembroke Welsh corgi from California, has this whole Instagram thing down. He has tons of contemplative photos in front of interesting, artsy walls, he’s been known to rock a flower crown, and he recently got one of those giant, inflatable unicorn pool toys that every Instagram influencer basically lives in during the summer. He shares his adventures with his brother, Maslow, a keeshond with more fluff than you can imagine. (Little Maslow has his own channel, too, so tune in for double the fun!)

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    Chewie the Pomeranian

    @hi_im_chewie / Instagram

    It’s really hard to muster much enthusiasm when your co-worker wants a high-five, but if Chewie, the high-five Pomeranian, wanted one? You’d probably give him the happiest, most enthusiastic greeting of your life. Not only does Chewie post tons of pictures high-fiving, but he loves to rock the tiniest Hawaiian shirts, too. The tiny shirts alone are worth a follow.

    Follow Chewie on Instagram

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    Cooper and Capo

    @coop_and_capo / Instagram

    Most best friends get their quality time in by knocking back a few glasses of wine while watching reruns of their favorite TV shows. Not Cooper and Capo! These Aussies prefer to live it up in the woods of North Carolina and have some seriously enviable outdoor adventure pictures to prove it.

    Follow Cooper and Capo on Instagram

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    Kingsley the Dachshund

    @kingkingsley__ / Instagram

    It’s not often you get a glimpse into royal life, but King Kingsley, a mini long-hair dachshund, is clearly a pupper of the people. He shares daily photos of the luxe life–including lounging in bed with snacks and dressing up for special events, and more outdoor adventures so you can see how cute he is when he runs.

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    Maya the Mini Dachshund

    @mayathedox / Instagram

    Often photographed posing with fresh flowers, enjoying wine on rooftops, and hanging out with her crew, Maya, another mini long-haired dachshund, is what Instagram influencers aspire to be. Would you just look at that tiny bandana!

    Follow Maya on Instagram

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    Jackson the Dalmatian

    @jackson_the_dalmatian / Instagram

    If you’re looking for a truly dapper dog, look no further than Jackson the dalmatian. A self-proclaimed lover of bow ties and blueberries, we have no doubt that this dude subscribes to all things GQ.

    But there’s more to this Insta than meets the eye. This Insta account chronicles a family of sweet dogs with the goal of bringing awareness and compassion to special needs and senior dalmatians.

    Follow Jackson and family on Instagram

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    Bodhi the Menswear Dog

    @mensweardog / Instagram

    If you know someone who needs a wardrobe refresh, you might want to point them towards Bodhi the Menswear Dog for some fashion inspiration. This Shiba Inu seriously knows how to put together an ensemble–and with over 401,000 followers, he’s well on his way to becoming a fashion icon.

    Follow Bodhi the Menswear Dog on Instagram

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    Manny the Frenchie

    @manny_the_frenchie / Instagram

    There’s nothing more adorable than a Frenchie’s goofy smile–and the fact that Manny has 1 million Instagram followers proves it! Follow this French bulldog as he grins his way around the gym, baseball field, and more.

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    Dogs of Instagram

    @dogsofinstagram / Instagram

    Want even more doggos? Dogs of Instagram has 5.3 million followers and compiles the best photos of good boys and girls from all around the globe. Posting several times throughout the day, you’ll never lack cute dog pictures in your feed.

    You can even submit photos of your dogs to Dogs of Instagram by tagging the account in a post or by sending a direct message.

    Follow Dogs of Instagram

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    The Dogist


    If you love Humans of New York (or any of its spin-offs), you’ll definitely want to check out The Dogist. Equipped with a camera and some tasty treats, The Dogist creates profiles of some of New York City’s friendliest (and cutest) residents. When you become one of the over 4 million subscribers, you’ll also witness the amazing good that The Dogist crew does by helping shelters and rescue organizations around the world through The Dogist Fund.

    Follow the Dogist on Instagram

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    Harlowe and Sage

    @harlowandsage / Instagram

    Follow a whole family of dogs when you dip into Harlow and Sage’s account. Sadly Sage is no longer alive, but their too-cute and feisty family has since grown and blossomed. You get to romp and play with Harlow, Indiana, Reese, Ezra, and Mae through daily life and even watch them dress up for the holidays.

    Follow Harlow and Sage on Instagram

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    Tucker the Golden Retriever

    @tuckerbudzyn / Instagram

    Tucker the Golden Retriever is no longer a bachelor, but he’s a family man, as well. So you get to see Tucker’s son’s cutie-pie antics on a daily, too. Enjoy the posts because they’re written in dog-speak, or how it would sound if the dogs could actually talk!

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    Loki the Wolfdog

    @loki / Instagram

    If you want to experience life with a large husky/arctic wolf/malamute mix (he’s genetically more dog than wolf), tune into Loki’s Instagram account. What began as a way to document snowboarding escapades quickly mushroomed to 1.9 million followers and counting. Now both Loki and owner Kelly Lund have a clear mission to inspire others to get outdoors and explore the world while making lasting, beautiful memories with their pups.

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    Samson the Goldendoodle

    @samsonthedood / Instagram

    You really can’t resist photos of a baby cuddled up to a real live teddy bear, can you? Well, that’s what you get when you follow Samson, a huge goldendoodle with just as big of a heart. Known better as Samson the Dood, you will also be treated to daily life with his young pups. The bond between baby, his little dude brother, plus Samson and his pups is just too heartwarming to miss and 1 million followers couldn’t agree more.

    Follow Samson the Goldendoodle on Instagram

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    Popeye the Foodie Dog

    @popeyethefoodie / Instagram

    That face! Those ears! This former stray pup from Los Angeles now travels and dines with his humans at pet-friendly restaurants and has the Insta to prove it. Popeye is a one-of-a-kind dog because he’s a mix of six breeds, including shih tzu, poodle, Pomeranian, Maltese, Chihuahua, and rat terrier. Not only will you get to see the indescribably adorable facial expressions this pup makes, but you also get to see some great food shots and recommendations to California restaurants.

    Follow Popeye the Foodie Dog on Instagram

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    Tinkerbelle the Dog

    @tinkerbellethedog / Instagram

    Tinkerbell is a rags to riches story. Once a shelter rescue who wouldn’t eat or play before being adopted, this Papitese (a crossbreed between a papillon and Maltese) is now a canine model that was discovered by an agent while on a walk with her human in New York City. She’s since modeled for the likes of Ralph Lauren and makes the runway rounds (mostly in the arms of celebrities) during New York’s Fashion Week. This miniature jet-setter also routinely travels around the world seeking out the best and most luxurious pet-friendly hotels, resorts, and destinations. Live vicariously through her Insta and keep up with all the global fashion trends at the same time.

    Follow Tinkerbell the Dog on Instagram

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